Sunday, July 12, 2015

Some Useful Statistics.....

....... for the Food Nazis who want to close down all the fast food outlets on Lincoln Rd, Henderson.

1      Only a few of the people who are overweight buy fast food.

2      Most people who buy fast food are not overweight.

3      One hundred percent of the fat slobs who are overweight fail to undertake sufficient exercise to  burn off the calories they eat.

4     Over ninety percent of nutritionists are withered, boring little pains in the arse.

So don't you come round here telling me what I can and cannot buy. 

You want to fix obesity?   Take some fat bastard for a five mile route march with a 20kg backpack.  If he survives, take him out again the next day.


Andy said...

let the fat bastards do a "von Treskow".
This will teach them a lesson.
As for nutritionists, stop all their funding.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Andy, please explain. The 'von Treskow' analogy is beyond my feeble brain.