Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

So Andrew Little reckons a capital gains tax will fix the so-called Ackland housing crisis?

Australia has one, along with a pretty hefty slug of stamp duty paid by the purchaser.  Hasn't helped much in Sydney, where prices and the size of loans are going through the roof (pun intended.)

The only way to fix the Auckland problem is to sack the Mayor and thee council top brass, put in a commissioner and release more land for housing.   It would be a fairly simple matter for the commissioner to stop all expenditure connected with Len's rail set; dismiss all the forty or so media hangers; on along with half the thousands of useless planning staff; tear up the ridiculous unitary plan and abolish Len's recent rate increase.   New building consents could be contracted out to City of Tauranga with penalty clauses for undue delay. 

There you are,  Problem solved.

I'm surprised there has not yet been a petition signed by 5,000 iraate ratepayers, calling for the gummint to legislate under urgency for recall local gummint elections.

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