Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shorten's Longest Day

Publicly accused rapist Bill Shorten goes on oath before the Royal Commission into trade union corruption today.  By this evening he will think it might have been easier to be with the Americans on Omaha beach.

The Commission will ask him to explain why, when he was Victorian leader of the AWU, he stiffed 5,000 low paid cleaning workers out of $420 million dollars worth of wages over six years. ( Are your eyes watering?)  That's $14,000 per year per person over six years.

You see, Shorten negotiated an enterprise agreement with a major cleaning firm in which overtime and penalty rates disappeared.  The company benefited to the tune of $60 million.  The poor bastards who were their employees worked their arses off, mostly at nights, for $14,000 less each year.  They were already poorly paid.

What did Shorten get?  Why,  in return he got power and influence in the Labor Party.  The shafted cleaning workers of Melbourne effectively paid for Shorten to become Leader of the Federal Opposition.  You see, in return for the deal of a lifetime, the cleaning company gave the union lists of its employees' names and addresses and paid their union dues without the knowledge of the employees.  The 'lists' were 'signed up' as union members and ALP members, giving Shorten huge power and influence within the union movement and the Labor Party.

Thus did Shorten rape his own workers and pillage their employer.

As Australians wake up to these goings on, Shorten's approval ratings have gone through the floor but the rules foisted onto the party by that idiot Rudd make it nigh on impossible for Shorten to be replaced as leader.

The Liberal  Party rejoices.  And Labor did it all by themselves.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

After lunch on the first day.

It's not going terribly well. He's had to admit to a false declaration of election donations and that cleaning staff would have been better off under their award than under the agreement he negotiated for them.

Decidedly un-Prime Ministerial.

gravedodger said...

There has to be a gold mine for the Libs in some of his squirming and memory lapses.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Shorten was hammered today.

He has no future.