Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Dog whistle politics is not new to the country.New Zealand.    There are risks and rewards in playing the game.    Don Brash did it to a 't' with his 'Kiwi vs Iwi' campaign; Winston First has dined out so often that his indulging in it is as predictable as night follows day.   And now Phil Twyford joins the fray ... and on the basis that all publicity is good publicity he's probably achieved his aim ... but at what cost?

Already we have seen resignations from the Labour Party and the word on the street is that there are more to follow with sometime MP, Raymond Ho, tipped to follow suit.   One would imagine they will be serving pork chops chops at Bar Mitzvahs long before the Chinese community donates a single dollar to Labour's election campaign.

Be that as it may and some simple questions for Mr Twyford in elucidation of Labour's policy:  

#1  Your family emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1960s.    Are you really arguing for a policy that would have prevented your Mum and Dad from purchasing a family home?

#2  Will Danny Lee, fresh from his stellar performance on the PGA Tour with over USD$1.5m in winnings over the last ten days, be permitted to buy a house in New Zealand.

#3  Do you see any conflict in the policy measured against clause 2 of the Labour Party Constitution where it states "all people should have equal access to all social, economic, cultural, political and legal spheres regardless of wealth or social position" and "all people, either individually or in groups, may own wealth or property for their own use".

Appreciate the answer.


Psycho Milt said...

I'm not Twyford, but the questions are easily enough answered: No, Yes, and No.

Now one for you: are you really arguing for a policy in which foreigners with no ties to this country whatsoever are encouraged to profit from making the Auckland housing crisis a lot worse?

The Veteran said...

PM .... so, by your reasoning Brits, Australians, US citizens etc, etc etc are not foreigners. Only those with their eyes too close together are .... sad, really sad.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Winston must be incandescent at this attempt to poach his constituents.

Psycho Milt said...

By my reasoning, people who aren't NZ citizens or permanent residents and who don't live in this country are foreigners. Anything about what flavour of foreigner they are is your own invention.

Paranormal said...

PM as a nation of net spenders rather than savers, New Zealand is dependent on foreign investment.

Do we really want to stop foreign investors from investing in New Zealand with all that would mean?

Aren't we better to increase the supply of homes in Auckland to meet the demand?

smttc said...

Paranormal says what sensible people in NZ would say.

Lefties like Milt simply offer junk reasoning. Junk reasoning is not a solution to the Auckland housing market.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

What utterly bafoonish questions:

#1 - The key word here is "emigrated" Duh !

#2 - Danny Lee is a citizen. Duh ! And he's Korean. Duh !!

#3 - I'm pretty sure Labour aren't referring to non-resident foreigners in that statement. Duh !!

The Realist said...

The problem surely is overseas residents purchasing property here, whether Chinese or not. The focus is on the Chinese because Chinese citizens living in China are known to be purchasing here, and frankly they have the potential to buy every house in Auckland. I came across it the other day in my professional capacity when a Chinese guy - living in China - purchased 52 houses in Auckland on the one day. I have been told but can't verify that it is a term of the China-New Zealand free trade agreement that Chinese residents in China may purchase houses here