Saturday, July 4, 2015


It's clear that the opposition parties are s**t scared of Judith Collins and will do anything to try and dent her credibility in order to diminish her chances of a return to the cabinet table.

And so it was that this week and under the protection of parliamentary privilege both Kelvin Davis and Winston Peters lined up to take potshots at David Wong Tung, Judith Collins' husband, alleging his involvement as a director of a company operating a Northland sawmill providing work for 250 staff and engaged in the illegal export of swamp kauri logs overseas.      

I am advised that David Wong Tung has issued defamation proceedings against two media outlets.

It will be fascinating to see whether Davis or Peters have the 'balls' to repeat their allegations outside the House. I suspect not.   Like all cowards they are happy to throw mud in the hope some of it will stick.   Pity because I really thought Davis was better than that ... clearly he's not.

p.s.   and it was Labour with Winston First support that in 2004 amended the Act to provide for the export of swamp kauri overseas under certain circumstances.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I hope (a) one of them is Fairfax and (b) Mr Wong Tung is taking advice from Joe Hockey.

Howie said...

Collins has no credibility to dent. That's why it would be great if Key gave her a Cabinet post. He's not that dumb though.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... methinks you protestith too much and clearly, you are comfortable with your mates getting down and dirty but, dollars to donuts, none of you will exhibit the 'courage' to repeat the allegation outside of parliament. Goes with the territory of being who you are I guess.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

This is the very woman who only the other week released an opinion piece bemoaning the fact that the Police weren't allowed to engage in, as described by Justice David Collins as "serious misconduct" or "serious criminal offending" in the course of police investigations.

And she's supposed to be a lawyer! Her level of public foolishness is reaching epidemic proportions. I welcome her back into the fray, her doltish actions will be good for a laugh - and Howie's dead right - unfortunately Mr Slippery ain't that stoopid.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"It's clear that the opposition parties are s**t scared of Judith Collins and will do anything to try and dent her credibility in order to diminish her chances of a return to the cabinet table."

The level of bemoaning from your resident trolls attests to that.

The Veteran said...

Ghost ... your stupid comment defines you. A Chardonnay socialist who pontificates from on high about police undercover operations totally ignoring the reality of such operations. Fact ... it's dirty, dangerous, shitty work that sees operatives pushing the envelope in order to establish credibility with the organisation they are trying in infiltrate.

Yes, I understand the argument that the end does not justify the means but I'm not sure that applies in dealing with organised crime syndicates.

Fact ... the Police used a fake warrant to arrest one of their own and bring him before the Courts in an attempt to establish his bona fides with the gang.

Fact ... there was nothing shonky about the 148 charges (many of them serious) against the 21 'Red Devils' that the 'learned' Judge dismissed because of what he saw as possible Police 'criminal' behavior.

And so 21 criminals go free and you have to ask yourself is NZL a safer or better place because of this. On one level to can argue yes because the so called rule of law has been upheld. On another no because organised crime doesn't play by the rules.

Judith Collins was pointing out the conundrum and expressing her support for the Police ... and you see that as 'strange'?

I don't and I suspect she is articulating the view of great numbers of decent New Zealanders ... yourself excluded of course.