Monday, July 6, 2015

Promised Much Delivered Bugger All

Got sucked into the hype and recorded 'Sunday' to be informed of the stuff I hadn't been told, and wanted to know.

And that was it, another grown man with some creds as a sporting hero crying on national TV.

Gee Dave it was just embarrassing.

If my memory is correct two of your forebears were real men and thankfully didn't have to watch your teary apology for screwing up bigtime in a totally wrong on so many counts petulant embarrassing attempt at justifying yourself.

In the 1950s the North Canterbury Electric Power Board extended their network to the more remote areas of their district and that included extending  a line from the Stanton on the Leader Road to Woodchester  Station and another from Waiau Village towards the Amuri range.
Two legends took the contracts, brothers who had achieved some renown as a two man rowing crew in Canterbury history, George was one  and Bob, Dave memory fade? Lindstrom. They dug holes two meters deep  carried  and stood  up poles that would have been too heavy on H & S grounds today, strung wires sans machinery and choppers, in short built a network with  pure guts, strength and application.
One of them at that time, for a wager of ten pounds carried a chapman sack of potatoes from the Culverden hotel to the Rotherham Hotel, some ten Kms, without putting the  sack down. The only relief and rest was by backing up to a pole  at the roadside. The sack was in the vicinity of 170 Lbs.
He won his bet. Remember that tenner was a weeks wages for many but the two brothers possibly earned that in a day each.

Yes Jordan Kennedy has an arm-span greater than his height and clearly well in advance of his IQ in inches as presented by his arrogant shallow revelations as to how he managed to consign the hopes of his fellow St Bedes crew members to the "B" finals at the 2015 Maadi Cup eights.

Youthful misbehaviour and hijinks will always accompany testosterone laden athletes but to succeed in any sport in these times it is the top two centimetres of cerebral output that will bring rewards.
Saturday night, a hungrier, better motivated and ferocious Highlanders proved that so convincingly.

So Jordan apologised to his coach,  who,  in his first reaction saw just what the dopy prick had done to destroy what many in the school community saw as a greatest opportunity in years.
He claims he also apologised to his fellow crew members after their dreams sank on Lake Karapiro.
No mention of any apology to the Parents and supporters of the other seven members of the eight he and Jack Bell had wrecked any hopes of a long awaited success who had invested considerably in creating that once in a lifetime opportunity for the eight young men and their cox.
No mention of an apology to his school staff and community that had provided such a glorious opportunity.
No apology to his Rector, Justin Boyle who had in the light of previous incidents called the rowing squad and their parents to a special meeting prior to departure for Cambridge, where it was laid out, all students involved would be asked to sign a bond for good behaviour and any breach would result in dismissal from the team.

It was also glaringly obvious that Bell, the second miscreant had made the decision to pull his head in.

"oh there was a sign warning not to go beyond this point" for gods sake you Muppet work it out No means No, not freakin maybe.
Oh and what was plan "B" Dave, had one or both the idiots having a brain fart, become damaged in their stupid action and ended up too injured to row, what then, get daddy Kennedy to sue the freakin Airport.
All too easy to blame the school for not providing a staff person to baby sit the almost old enough to vote young men, and as I must regard your sanitised version of your conversation with Rector Justin Boyle when he arrived at Karapiro with much cynicism do you really believe that rowing and your dreams for one Pillock amongst, was it forty other competitors, was in truth that important in the grand scheme of The College.

Jordan your stupid old man could have made things so much better if he had had the balls to say "you have stuffed up son, now what can we all do to get things back on track". Lets sit down and write some remorseful letters of apology and take our self inflicted repercussions on the chin.
No he was 'bigger than that' so he calls a lawyer and before you can say "prohibited security area" he has Ms Rachel Duddingham issue an injunction to prevent the school from doing what it had given fair warning about and removing Kennedy and Bell from the team.
With all one hears about how long justice can take to  come for some people who have even died wondering, that Judge managed to get the school injuncted by Monday morning after working on Saturday.
Now call me cynical but how exactly did the parents achieve that I wonder,  perhaps  some form of "Koha", now that is worth investigating

Well Dave, you cry baby you have let your old school, the other parents and yourself down, did you seriously think Rowing NZ would not see your actions as stupid and cut you loose. Yes all you and Meates gave to your old school so generously,  just went down the dunny. Maybe thieving that flag from the Munich Olympic Rowing venue was OK then, it was over forty years ago but I might have thought that what happened to those very unfortunate souls from the Israel wrestling team in 1972 might have alerted you to just how serious the stupid, irresponsible actions of your protégée and his mate actually were, in the real world we inhabit in 2015.

Sorry "Sunday", so much more an investigative Journalist might have dug up. That was close to a case of false advertising , however Dave's bawling and Jordan's unrepentant arrogance saved it for you,  almost.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see the TV show you refer to, (I haven't watched that sort of show for years), but I agree with your well said words about the whole affair.

B Whitehead

Anonymous said...

And he is now working as a labourer!

gravedodger said...

Anonn @ 08 28 nothing wrong with that he might just have learned something in spite of his helicopter idiot father

OlderChas said...

Watching that arrogant young man, I came the closest I have ever come to throwing something at the TV screen!