Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pebbles Who?

Well Pebbles Hooper in fact.

So I look up who that is and it appears she is the spawn of Denise le Strange Corbett and Francis Hooper, still not anything significant except the arents have some form as clothes designers

I if I knew anything I would know she is a "socialite",  well light is close but it seems she has an opinion on the unsolved tragic deaths in a Tinwald house and via Twitter has caused some controversy with those views.

It is alleged she suggested that Darwin might have had some connection with the deaths and who amongst us has never allowed such a basic truth to cross our consciousness in cases of untimely death.

As more is revealed it seems that it is a glimpse as to how dysfunction, relationship breakup and a serious lack of understanding of risk assessment amidst the spiral of abandonment of responsibility to ensure the safety of children in the very heart of the social chaos that is emerging as a central aspect of life in the 21st century.

There is so much still to be understood and it is almost certain,  that with the time lapse, so far a dearth of conclusive evidence as to what happened to leave a solo mum and three children dead for up to a week in a house with an internal access garage where a car was apparently out of fuel with the key turned on in the ignition, much that will give a rational explanation.

The deceased as published in the Ashburton Guardian are; Pio Scarlet Jetejura Raukete, 5, Teuruaa Junior George, 3, and Telyzshaun Gordon Ricardo Nelder Kruz George, 2, and their mother  Cindy Tangipurunga George, 31.
It is suggested that around the time of the youngest victims birth,  the Dad Mr John Raukete headed on out and is said to now be living with a new model in the Cook Islands where he has sired another little one.
Cindy arrived in Ashburton some five years ago with John and worked at a local meatworks until becoming a solo mum two years ago.

Now it was extremely harsh, judgemental, unfeeling, ignorant, and totally lacking in empathy for Ms Pebbles to tweet her opinion but in spite of the recent digital communications Act she,  imho has an inalienable right to state her opinion, but equally all who discover her opinion that has been indelibly placed on a digital record have an equal right to make a judgement on the quality or otherwise of the statement of opinion.
That said there appear to be  some basic inescapable underlying truths and the question then is, was Pebbles so wrong to publish her opinion.

There will be little opportunity for rational discussion while the mass grieving is in the headlines but some day people will have to address all the unfortunate factors that contributed to the Four deaths.
That just might give some credence to Ms Pebbles opinion.


Anonymous said...

Just like Pebbles, you show both an appalling lack of empathy and a complete misunderstanding of the Theory of Natural Selection.

Social Darwinists to the Right, as ever. Science to the Left.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is horrific. It hurt my head trying to decipher your badly structured sentences. Although, it's not quite as bad as the assumptions made here about the circumstances surrounding these deaths and the unnecessary and irrelevant emphasis on the mother's relationship status.