Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Only A Pawn, Lucky Until Now.

Mr de Malmanche  should immediately fire his legal team and just do the time.

It will not be his brief who will choose between a blindfold or not, sitting or standing, a padre or not if their rather fraught attempt to appeal his sentence for carrying 1.7 kg of Meth into Bali goes ahead and turns sour.

15 years with a possibility of remission for keeping his head down and his arse clean and then there could be a real possibility he could end his custodial in a NZ gaol.

An appeal, as I understand things, opens up a possibility that should the 'Indos' become a bit upset then the whole sentence is up for reconsideration and the fate of Chan and Sukomaran is an option.

Is there any truth in a suggestion that Mr Ultimate Naïve who used the little brain in accepting a free holiday in Asia is not exactly an innocent, never done nuthin, dopy, or someone versed in fringe activity who may have fried his brain with product, who confused love, lust, luck and loser.

He is 53 so it is not beyond possible he could be here in NZ in a medium security pokey well before he gets the super.

He needs better advice than any suggestion to appeal, just get down on his knees and give thanks.

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