Monday, July 27, 2015

On Labour's Leadership Woes

I blogged yesterday on the dreadful poll result for Andrew Little.

Some wag over at Whaleoil has suggested they go down the co-leader path but in a bid to out PC the Greens, appoint Robertson and Little.  This would give them a poofter and a wanker.  Much better than the boring old male female job share.

However I've got a better idea.  Labour should announce that 'leadership' is nineteenth century and the party will break new ground and operate without one.  True democracy in action.

This will have the effect of taking the preferred PM polls out of the news and will make journalists work a little harder.  They'll have to remember who is the party's respective spokesthing for each portfolio.


Anonymous said...

No offense Adolf but in reality Labour have operated without a leader (effective) since 2008 when Her Royalness departed in a huff to the UN.

I don't know if they are able to lift themselves from their chronic malaise - like trying to free yourself from quicksand.

Without an influx of a new generation of wannabes (which should have happened in 2008 or 2011) there is no way the voters are going to say yes to the mob they have said no to three times.

So I agree with you - it doesn't matter which of their current crowd is leader or no leader at all, Labour are going nowhere fast.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well yes, Jimmie. Of course you are right. For the life of me, I can't see how they can climb out of the hole they are in without ditching the unions. To do that they will need a couple of pretty wealthy backers and some talent not yet seen.

Anonymous said...

But but but - don't preempt the rise of the Union Labour's Boadicea - isn't Annette King about to go and the beautiful Jacinta Adern, of fish and chip shop job fame, about to save Union Labour as bumgirl to little Little ?
This will be the change case for the Party, although Little will not let her get a word in edge ways.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I did say talent, not teeth.