Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Oh No, Max Went On Holiday, The Total Bastard.

One thing that became very important as our spawn headed for adult life, was how important and possibly a last chance to enjoy their company on holidays became, and any such opportunity was to be  treasured.

It is entirely possible that should the Keys have hired a house in Wanaka and gone skiing at Treble Cone, Cardrona,  or any other of the seven or so options available within a two hour drive it would have been no different for a sad old lefty scrabbling for relevance such as Soper, to try and make political 'hay'.

When the 'She Beast' went walking in Nepal,  climbing Kilimanjaro, or even strolling through some of the SI's  iconic opportunities I do not recall any comment that she might have been doing something well beyond the economic reach of the poor of South Auckland. Her actions in fact, were lauded for her taking what many understand as necessary 'time out'.
Then of course her clear lack of children did limit such cheap shots and as for her "marriage"____?

Just as the sad inanities attempted using Steph  Key's Art school pics to get a headline, this latest  equally pathetic bashing the family effort is only more evidence that anything is OK if the socialists do it  meme.
Should say Slater, dish it to the family of one of the socialists it would have the Media in a universal frenzy of disgust for attacking the those who should correctly be beyond  such cheap shots.

Bazza could do his country service above and beyond if he just retired and shut up.

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