Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No Value There People.

After weeks of  resignations, sackings, admissions of no content,  assertions of possible inappropriate whatever, confidentiality clauses, abusing the little woman, total silence from the other woman, a board member being sanctioned by a board he is the only member of still standing, it was with some relief we are now being titivated by a tale of a maybe coup for Deputy leader in another nonentity party.

Of course who is deputy 'leader' in the personality cult that has had voters fooled for over two  decades, a party that exists on a diet of xenophobia and anything else that appears on the radar of the silver set who largely vote in a fog of declining mental acuity.
So long as there is a photo or statuette of the "doyen" of NZ's shallow political puddle NZ First will endure as the mirage it has always been. His inevitable passing will go largely un-noticed by a chunk of his adoring public.
If you need evidence of that possibility, consider the fact that  Helen Clarke is still a candidate  in preferred PM polls and she has been gone for seven years.

Meanwhile on the planet that sustains us all,  cabinet ministers are all standing by their statements, The leader of the opposition is a complete mystery to most, a bill passes that has potential for limiting freedom of expression, a massive free trade treaty is moving to reality, the widening gap between haves and have nots is debunked, poverty and housing crisis seem to be losing lustre, a national roadshow to discus changing the flag struggles to get double figure attendance at consultation meetings,  ex NZLP leader who was smacked down with two dead snapper has made a complete dope of himself again over the price of milk, cocoa cola and water and through it all, the banality of what passes for political discourse oozes along being largely ignored by all.

If Ron 'who' challenged Tracy 'someone' for a job that is of no moment to 99% of the electorate, how is that news. For a comment from NZ First the best anyone could come up with was two addresses, two mail boxes, corner section, Dennis the dissembler O'Rourke, who has a "lodger".

Ah well maybe something will turn up tomorrow, how about the country that discovered democracy is bankrupt, hang on, WHAT!!!!.

Still no value though, just layabouts, liars, losses, liabilities, leftys, _______?

I am feeling a little similar to what I imagine Oliver Twist felt,  please can I have some more "Warming", Sir.

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