Monday, July 13, 2015

Monumental !

Fresh from Football NZ hosting the football Under 20 world cup that was on published assessments regarded as an outstanding success, the NZ U 23 team was in line to qualify for the Rio Olympic Games from the Oceania Group

Now there are many critics of even reserving places for Oceania in major international football competition but with a serious attitude to growing the "beautiful" game that's how it is.

Overnight it has transpired that because NZ fielded a player with challengeable credentials our Olympic path has been collapsed because Vanuatu successfully protested the inclusion of a South African Born Player who has lived here since he was six years old.

Under convoluted rules that include at least three differing protocols for qualification as a NZ player,  in various jurisdictions, Vanuatu's protest was upheld and the dreams of a bunch of young NZ  aspirants came to a shuddering halt.
Pretty gutting that all their efforts crashed and burned because someone stuffed up.
Someone at "Football NZ" has blundered and they are now scrambling to find an opening for a legal challenge to overcome what on the face of published Information seems  an open and shut case.

With the recent contretemps around corruption and graft at the very top of FIFA, the dodgy suggestions swirling around Russia and Qatar gaining hosting rights for upcoming world cups, the demise of several at the massive unaudited trough that is FIFA and the official responses of NZ administrators in the whole shemozzle it is of no great surprise this recent problem has unravelled and the timing around its use by Vanuatu.
Karma apparently, went to the final of that event in Papua New Guinea and Fiji prevailed over Vanuatu in a penalty shootout to book a place at the Rio Games

For a game that trumpets its very short list of rules for on field play, their emulation of The Americas Cup in deciding match outcomes in the jury room and now perhaps the courts is at least puzzling if not seriously disappointing.

That cock up must be in line for inclusion as Monumental.

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pdm said...

It wouldn't have happened in Charlies days as supreme ruler of NZ Association Football.