Monday, July 13, 2015

Media Judges Again and The Squash Player goes AWOL

Outlandish claims of who is buying Auckland residential property based on 'leaked' Realestate industry data using ethnicity based information on how Asian (Chinese) the surname read and released as a beatup by Twyford NZLP spokes thingy on Housing.

Now lets say Farrar or Slater or much worse, Judith Collins or Paula Bennett, did a survey on children unlucky enough to fall on their heads and end up in Starship to die when disconnected from life support, based on how Maori their silly first name and surname was recorded, how long before they would be suffocating under an avalanche of opprobrium  for being racist.
The Media, the luvvies, the reawakened Race Relations Commissioner and Uncle Tom Cobleigh  would descend in a hoard to be a part of the political lynch mob and very few would wonder why, yet The Idiot Twyford can make his outlandish shallow racial assertions based on a  data printout that common sense suggests had to be of very suspect legality in its release and the silence is deafening.
Sunday night the State Owned TV infotainment hour found more than enough trivia to exclude what would,  had it been as I fantasised above  have occupied at the very least the first 15 minutes. The disgusting witterings from one of the least liked or respected numpties was conveniently ignored.

Susan Devoid again disappoints while she and  her media enablers abdicate their duty in what was an injudicious  xenophobic manipulation based on likely stolen data when many loyal patriotic citizens  of many generational years of living here were included in a  media and political beatup  list of suspects because their surname may have had a mythical connection based on a possible but subsequently revealed totally incorrect  Chinese immigrant/resident link.

Shameful barely adequate.

Over 48 hours later the ex squash Champ says she is "disappointed" at the use of "half baked data"

Gee that will have Twit Twyford running for the dunny with loosening bowels.

Meanwhile on Planet Labour at present inhabited by the bunch of total numpties trying to out xenophobe the Dwarf, the present leader for life (political) has thrown all his lightweight behind his racist brainless housing spokes thingy.
I understand the NZLP has issues around credibility but when did such abrogation of their beliefs enter their politicalthink.

Is Grunter preparing two Panda cubs gutted and pan ready for his leader to hold up in the house  tomorrow week

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