Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Me Too Takes Hold.

Angry Andy has embraced the Me Too strategy and there will be some nervous people in his tent.

What ever happened to policy being thought through with input along the chain of branch, region, national conference and then through the parliamentary party's systems to adoption.
He and his predecessors since Key  won the treasury benches have variously cast aspersions on an apparent reliance by the Key outfit on polling in every  policy move and it seems any pretence at holding that perception of highground has been cast aside as Little Angry Andy daily makes policy on the hoof to stay in touch.
At 8% as Preferred PM I guess it was predictable.
This mornings effort was the casting aside of the suggestion to extend the ban on smoking to greater areas at present beyond the Nicotine Nazis successes in bars and restaurants.

When added to the CGT flip-flop, the latest decision to try to out Peter  Peters on xenophobia, the business tax policy, and other shallow me too incidents,  have the fractured NZLP in ever greater confusion as to what the party actually stands for.
So what chance the missing million will re-emerge like Blucher at Waterloo.

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