Wednesday, July 29, 2015

IT Might Be A Good Move Adam.

Adam Goodes is a big name in Aussie Rules, plays for The Sydney Swans, is very adept at the game including milking penalties and playing the 'poor me card' on and off the field.
That said he has carved out a stella career in the AFL.

He was awarded Australian of the year some time ago and is regarded as a success in the travel to normalising of the place of Aboriginals in modern Australia.

Lately some fans, and everyone knows they can be knuckle dragging retards particularly when lubricated with alcohol, have been finding fault with Goodes tactics and Booing him.
Now most players would just ignore such behaviour and get on with playing the game, however Goodes has recently raised the stakes by making a sort of war-dance towards the booing spectators and quite naturally that is seen as similar to giving the finger  salute, just recall how Andrew Mehrtons effort on the High Veldt went down with the Boors.

The poor wee petal is now upset and has taken "time out" to deal with the trauma and hurt.
Sorry Adam it aint your ethnicity it is how you behave and then react and if you were a blond haired Caucasian you would be treated no different.

Australian sport is littered with some amazing talent who have come from way back in the bunch to star as Aboriginal sports personalities. Evonne Goolagong Cawley, The Ella Brothers, Nicole Cusack, Jonathon Thurston, Ben Harradine, Cathy Freeman, to name a few who were/are embraced as National icons, but had they moved into the territory Goodes has ventured, would have been given similar treatment.

Nothing to do with your race Mr Goodes and the best idea I have heard lately is retirement, take what remains of your Mana and let it go. Perhaps you might just work it all out some day, here hoping for your sake.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You forgot Polly Farmer.

rivoniaboy said...

Get I right for heavens sake - the word is Boers.