Saturday, July 11, 2015


where up is down and left is right, the curious case of Curwen Rolison invites a comparison to the worst excesses of Stalinism where those who incurred the dictators displeasure were simply 'airbrushed' out of history and beyond.

In the last few days Rolison, Winston First Board Member and President of NZ First Youth (where some would say he was notable as the only non Goldcard carrying member), has been expunged from the NZ first website with 'el leader' proclaiming in a Press Release that there never was a NZ First Youth Branch of the Party.   All this a reaction to Rolison's indictment on a charge of possessing cannabis for supply.  

Be that as it may (and I agree, having a senior member of your Party up before the beak as a drug dealer is never a good look) young Rolison has done the body politik a favor by lifting the lid on the mastications here that saw Tracey Martin dumped as Deputy Leader of Winston First.

Seems the matriarch of the Martin family (Anne, President of Winston First) is a fearsome creature steeped in Social Credit philosophy and practice as an acolyte of Gary Knapp (remember him?).   Clearly she and her daughter rode all over the Board (read Winston) in effectively forcing Andrew Williams out of the List and relegating NZ First's answer to General MacArthur (Ron Mark) to what was seen to be the nether regions of the List.    And now it is time for Utu wrecked with a vengeance by Mark.

Anne Martin next?

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gravedodger said...

If only we had a Media, ah well thankyou Vet very illuminating and clearly there is more to come.