Wednesday, July 22, 2015

If Kelvin is the Answer, Move To Question Two.

At the end of questions for oral answer yesterday that I had recorded, the over run caught the opening two speeches  on a snap debate on a request from Kelvin Davis on the Fight Club violence and the clear contraband issues that made the release of the videos public from the Serco run  Mt Eden Remand prison possible.

When Davis got the nomination to contest Northern Maori and replace  the rather useless MP who had departed the Maori Party who delivered the seat to him, only to be dumped as Hadfield set out on his brave new world of Mana,  many people  suggested he was a best thing since sliced bread.
Well Davis won and Mana, the Internet party, Laila Harre and the fat bastard all crashed and burned when they attempted to carry the Obese Finnish/German crook  further into the entrails of government.
Davis came good and I believed it, until his tawdry efforts when he got lucky and Mr Speaker gave him his big chance yesterday afternoon.
What he delivered was a fractured, poorly assembled incoherent and at too many times a faltering litany of unsubstantiated drivel that there are thugs and crooks in prison.  Sheesh who would have thought that could be true.
Under the cloak of privilege and only divulging one single name, prisoner Evans, who has since died from a serious medical infection some weeks after he was taken to hospital with an alleged ruptured lung, the whole refried pan of beans had all the hall marks it was written by Rufus Painter's dementia suffering great aunt.

What it was, as revealed when I had watched his tawdry effort twice was a total beatup attack on Serco, the private UK company who run the Mt Eden remand gaol under a contract to Corrections.
Now everyone knows and understands nothing ever happens to an inmate in a Corrections Dept run facility, yeah right.
This morning we are informed the piece of shit Plod has banged up for killing Ihakaa Stokes got the bash in Paparua mens remand facility that last I heard, was run by dept of corrections and has now been moved to 'protective custody'.
Probably an incorrect report though,  he probably slipped on a wet floor, not that pissing his pants when he got what most kiddy killers can expect in gaol could have made that floor wet.

Of course had KD asked the speaker for a snap debate on private prisons on behalf of the PSA or whoever  the other thugs and contraband smugglers in prisons  have speaking for them, then he would have been rightly refused.
His efforts yesterday were in a word pathetic. It was patently clear from the very poorly assembled and presented ten minutes of torture, he had not expected to get lucky with his letter to the Speaker.

Pesata Sam's effort in reply only made KD look worse and Sam, bless him, is no orator.


Anonymous said...

His speech on Paul Henry this morning was equally embarrassing

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Would you like Hone back?

The Veteran said...

I honestly thought that KD was one of the few good guys on planet Labour. His recent nasty attack on David Wong Tung, husband of Judith Collins, and now his quite pathetic 'poodling' on behalf of the Corrections Association dispels that notion. Does anyone really believe that all is sweetness and light in State run prisons? Of course not ... prisons are inhabited (not exclusively) by bad people who spend their every waking moment figuring new ways to beat the system and, from time to time, 'things' will happen. It's the nature of the beast and it matters not whether the prisons are run by the State or private enterprise.

Where Serco has it over the State is that they are paid by results and, as a tax payer I applaud that. No such incentives exist in State run prisons.

Good post GD.

gravedodger said...

Definitely not Adolf but might review that position in light of Hadfield's statement today on the matter of eating Kereru to justify his special self awarded status for one who is evidently still a legend in his racist mind.

We have several Kereru causing damage on a scale similar to that which Hadfield wrought on Herr Schmitz's dreams, to my garden and with an approaching 3/4 century date approaching that might just qualify as a special occasion but probably not one that Hadfield would deem suitable.

I do wonder if they actually do taste as great as Maori claim.
I am led to believe many of the tangled funua also like raw sea urchins, mutton birds, weka, puha, cabbage(cooked for hours)plus steamed over fat mutton and pork flaps.
On appearance alone, none of those alleged gourmet delights will be ever going on any menu I present. That said Kereru stuffed with berries do attract some fascination.

I have partaken of Hangi at several Marae and it has all been overcooked taste destroyed greasy food I would hesitate to feed to Hoggs.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Next time I put down a hangi, I'll let you know. Nothing overcooked and greasy, I can assure you. One chooses the right cuts of meat and fat old cracker ewes are off the menu.

Whole beetroot come out sweeter than you cold imagine. BTW if your meat is a bit on the fatty side, a great dollop of puha is just the job to neutralize the 'fattiness' taste.

I did one for Perth Jaycees in about 1975. We fed about sixty people and charged ten bucks per head for tucker AND grog (Chateau Plastique) while the cost of supplies was $1.80 per head. From what I remember there were two hoggets and a pig, along with a dozen or so broiler chooks. It was a great fund raiser.

Howie said...

ROFL. Sam doesn't know if he's Arthur or Martha. Gang members in his private prison are running amok committing heinous acts of violence. He's confused about what he knew and when. He's gone, and you guys are shitting it.

Noel said...

Servo paid for results. Agreed but they are also very slippery when there are penalties that incur with poor performance.

Noel said...

On reflection what Labour should focus on is comparing the reporting by Serco's Intel outfit against Corrections output. Plenty of ways to fudge reality.