Monday, July 27, 2015

I Wont Say Told You So.

However as the Northland By-election unfolded leaving Joyce and his monumentally inept side kick, Jo de Joux, writhing in the sands of the far north I did muse on whether  the broad  hints from Little Angry Andy  might just be playing Russian Roulette in  throwing Willow Jean under The NZF bus.
 Only the dopy prick had five chambers loaded of the six and that reduces the odds by some considerable margin over the revolver with only one round chambered.

Now that the duplicitous Dwarf has left AAL in the dust of Bowen St on his way to the forum my musings may have been more than a little prescient.

As third preferred Prime Minister for the little leader, how long before Robbo gets randy again and  lust replaces lost.
Clark managed to maintain her leadership throughout some rather sad polling in opposition but she had a reasonable bunch who saw her as the best to lead to the other side and El Dorado, I am certain the little leader does not have anywhere near that sort of support, certainly in the caucus.
The established coterie with previous announced ambitions and the necessary belief in their confused thinking they are up for it, must be working out third is not even second loser in politics.

I am wondering if the little leader will make it to 'the ides of march', if the assaination  is to have any hope of success,  if that could describe what yet another Titanic deck chair rearrangement could ever be, I would be suggesting about the end of the parliament in December at the latest.

One thing for sure the grand play in the far North has The Old Master as a serious problem and nearly every day at questions for oral answer the crafty old doyen has the opposition numero uno  persona firmly embedded in the minds of all the watchers.
The unfortunates in shot when the little leader makes another failed foray are a veritable study in body language, they vary between, fear, dismay, pity, and 'how did it come to this', then when they think the strange might just be  funny, their response is still confused at best.

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