Thursday, July 30, 2015


in their condemnation of the justice system over the treatment of Arun's killers ... the latest being continued name suppression for the scroat found guilty of  his 'manslaughter' (murder) and for his accomplice acquitted on the same charge.    

I can understand the Kumar's frustration.   All along the two accused were portrayed as victims; victims of a poor upbringing; victims of an uncaring society, victims of themselves.    I reject completely the ascertain that they didn't mean to cause Arun harm .... for f**ks*ke ... why do you carry a knife if you don't mean to use it ... to intimidate ... and if the person isn't intimidated and fights back you drop the knife and run away ... yeah right ... or in this case, wrong ... dead wrong.  

The Kumar family are the victims, not the other way round.

If the Judge orders continued name suppression post sentencing it will be a travesty of justice.
Age is no excuse.   A man is dead.   His family grieve.   The perpetrator will be released in short order while the Kumar family will continue to serve a life sentence.

And does anyone want to stake their reputation that neither of these two 'victims of circumstance' will ever again appear before the Courts ... and pigs will fly and Colin Craig for Pope.

Justice is indeed blind in this instance.



Paulus said...

I entirely agree - murder has been committed - we have a lot to answer for by our Judges.

Noel said...

I'm a firm believer in everyone prior to conviction is entitled to name suppression.
Post conviction there is no rationale for it to continue. Mind you there have been some high paid legal minds who have ignored my latter conviction.

Noel said...

On reviewing the case it apparent that on sentencing name suppression will be removed.
That's a lot different from someone sho have pleaded hardship for what to me are are somewhat obscure rationales for permanent name suppression.

My son was beaten up and left for dead last year by a youth group with similar history.
He wasn't aware that when he had turned left into the darkside, instead of right because he was unfamiliar with the area. They were known to justice,CYF,police etc but no to him so he could not be aware.

I'll give a medal to the first computer hacker who can publish the names and histories ofthese sheltered thugs and alert us who to avoid.

It's pretty obvious the legislators and their agencies can't protect us.

Tinman said...

Veteran I agree with most of your post.

I can think of no reason, ever, for name suppression.

Suppression of a victim's identity presupposes the victim has done something wrong.

They (most often) haven't!

Suppression of a person charged's name makes victims of all of us BUT needs to be followed up by prominent reporting of trial results or if charges are then dropped along with the novel (for NZ) idea that a person is innocent until proved guilty.

The Realist said...

I agree too Vet. As you know I don't support the death penalty (unless my own family is involved lol) and in this case and most of the animals in D block and the like: I would castrate the lot, give them all frontal lobotomies and let them out of jail

Anonymous said...

A most sensible post and I have no doubt that most sensible thinking people agree with. I have noticed that your sensible posts are preceded by the NZ flag proper and not the Rotorua tourist shop souvenir.

Freudian slip perhaps

Ciaron said...

Why does name suppression stay until sentencing and not lifted at verdict?