Saturday, July 4, 2015

Highlanders Land The One That Counts.

A champion team beats a team of Champions.

When the Brumbies began what has been the most successful Australian franchise they picked up those who Queensland and New South Wales passed over and now they have first pick of many of the best players on the West Island.
The Highlanders with the weakest numbers from the club base of any franchise have a team with only a handful of home grown players and Joseph and his team have covered their bases admirably.
Will this make the Blue and Gold franchise a more attractive team to advance a career.

A pack with no Internationals against a pack with several.
Two Backlines with attacking talents from 9 to 15.

A final worthy of the occasion.

The whiskey tastes sooo good.


Nookin said...

I think is is a little unfair to refer to Hurricanes as a team of champions. I thought we had two champion teams here but one of them wanted it more and had the composure ( or lost less of it) to carry it off. Neither team carried an individualistic show pony. Both packs comprised hardworking grunts. Both teams have brilliant backs. I thought it was one of the best finals, in fact one of the best games of rugby, that I have seen for a long time.

The Veteran said...

Nookin ... comment endorsed. I have never known a first half to go so quickly while the second half wasn't too far behind either. The level of fitness was just amazing.

Nookin said...

Except for the last 5 minutes which lasted almost an hour, or seemed to.

gravedodger said...

@ Nookin the TAB had the outright table topping Hurricanes almost one dollar ahead.
The Media pretty much to a one had the Hurricanes only having to turn up to farewell Conrad Smith, Maa Nonu and others, the continued alluding to St Jerry, Bay "six", it was hard to see the Canes as anything less that the champions at the kick off and the Highlanders as the necessary opponents.

Only a very few who actually understand how finals footy can evolve gave Jamie Joseph's men a chance. Then again most armchair experts wrote the Skirts off as no chance to beat Cheika's mob a week ago in Sydney.

I thought Beauden Barrett seems well off his best whereas Sopoaga was in top form, the two half backs were evens.
With Edmonds, Reddish, Sopoaga, Aarron Smith, Richard Buckman, Ash Dixon, Marty Banks all Hurricanes based at some time or another it very soon was revealed that The Men from the South were hungrier and better tactically.
Losing Ardie was a blow, and how many times will we see Julian Savea bomb like that with the line open.

One of the very best Super rugby finals ever and sports lovers everywhere understand to win you must create a loser and as losers those Hurricanes had every right to be as gutted as they clearly were.
Across the park it was hard to find a Highlander who was out played.

pdm said...

Simple philosophy for finals and test rugby - pick your goalkicker first!! One only hopes the AB'S will not be relying on Barrett to land a goal from 45 yards out after the Hooter in a World Cup final. He left enough points on the park to win the game last night.