Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hellooo Labour, Is Anyone There

Being in Opposition is bloody hard work, with the news cycle and the very short attention span of  so many voters,  presenting an image as an alternative government in waiting is never easy.

The current efforts are  causing angst for the red team,

Little Andy and his ever shoulder surfing, Robertson Grunts, who seems to be just waiting so patiently, have made a pigs arse since English seemed to abandon a surplus in the May Budget when in the real world that so called failure is still problematical in spite of the current challenges thrown up by the international dairy market.

Dairy is around 6% of the current NZ economy, so returning to levels of three years ago is of no great economic moment for those who understand such matters and that pesky surplus is within a few million more or less.
Any one of Greece, China, Oil, the Value of the NZ $, local body rates,  national security, The Daesh  are of greater moment than whether a figure around 0.5% of a somewhat abstract figure in the minds of the great unwashed is or is not going to result.

The current accounts with one month to be included are reading a surplus of over one billion,  although that could expand or disappear as those last four weeks are calculated.
When viewed against a two hundred billion business that is NZ Inc, fact is it's only half of one percent and anyone with a working knowledge of things economical, attempting  to nail that as a given in political tactics is as relevant as  'Smithy' predicting Sopoaga's certain goal that missed in that final with his application of the 'commentators curse'.
It is sad but elicits no sympathy that Andy and Grunts have tried to paint the abandonment of the surplus that was always in the margin of error as a "failure" when that could still be revealed as the small surplus once predicted.
How embarrassing should the numbers go up and the surplus  reappear.

Opposition leader and Finance are nearly always at the forefront of where assessments are made and whether that is good or bad, it just is. Investing so much in something that the missing million do not even understand let alone will be aware of, is wasted effort.
Where the bloody hell are you?

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