Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Heart Attack Alley"

A three kilometre stretch of Lincoln Road in Henderson is being set up to be lynched because there are over thirty convenience food outlets adjacent to  that bit of carriageway.
Of course the usual suspects are there, KFC, BK, Maccas, Pizza Hut,  then add in a whole bunch of ethnic food providers and  traditional fast food outlets and the scene is set for Armageddon for sure.

Of course New Zealand has an increasing problem of obesity with all the allied health issues of mobility, coronary health, diabetes, strokes but I am unaware of any coercion involved in forcing anyone to put too much food into their gob.

For those of us who can exercise restraint in choices  it seems just another beatup by those who would tell all men to sit down to pee and such an opportunity is being castigated for just offering  others, those choices.

Local Community Board Chair is said to be "Stunned" at discovering such a threat to her community has become embedded, jeez wayne just go for a bike ride some time.

The local newspaper that has highlighted this has included comments from a Mr Hill who works out of the Otahuhu community center so he would just be a concerned volunteer right.
Well no, he is in fact a founder and partner in an advisory outfit called "Lighthouse Nutritionists" that he works for fees ranging from $150 ph for individuals, $200 for a couple and $400 for groups with his medic missus and another who is a "Zumba" instructor @ $400 an hour. What a pity space constraints in the local  rag left no room to actually divulge that pertinent fact, eh.

It is claimed that too many of these food outlets are "unhealthy", says who.
For a poor bugger sleeping rough and not having eaten for three days a feed of any of that on offer could be life saving, not health endangering. Otoh for some fat bastard of course another feed of some of that on offer is definitely a health risk.

I infrequently go to food halls in malls for quick meal, it so convenient and enjoyable to be able to grab an 'Indian', a "Thai", a "Turk", a  "Greek", a Sushi or whatever for a few bucks and leave the dishes for someone else.

I have no bloody idea how Lincoln Rd Henderson fits in the grand scheme that is Auckland but I am bloody certain if that concentration was not a profitable opportunity then the suggested new development at the North Western Motorway end of the social disaster that is advertising for interest from providers of; a caf√©, Italian, Chinese, kebab, and a bakery leads inevitably to the conclusion that the demand is right there.

Next thing I guess someone will raise concerns about a proliferation of car sales on offer in a concentrated area, wont someone think of the children?

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