Sunday, July 5, 2015

From The Horse's Mouth

This morning's news was polluted by the image of the forgotten but not yet gone Helen Clark, pontificating on the matter of so-called refugees.

She and her socialist friends actually belive the many lies they have spun.

She talks of refugees when in fact the people to whom she refers are illegal immigrants.  She actually admits as much but for sociaists, the world of euphemism is their reality.

"A lot of people are not crossing the Mediterranean because they are fleeing conflict...they are coming from countries which are just plain poor........"


Anonymous said...

to be fair (and I don't like her either), she did say that the way to solving the problem was to fix the countries the poor came from. Now NZ has done that in the past, Malaysia being a good example of our starter efforts.
Some we can't e.g. Tonga, and that's because we give them money and allow them to move here and give them citizenship in NZ. If that wasn't available they would have to be like the new Greece and stand on their own feet and fix their governance

The Veteran said...

Anon ... I don't think immigrants from Tonga get any sort of head start coming here. Lotsa over-stayers though and scammers (mostly their 'own) seem to be enjoying considerable success.

gravedodger said...

Her toxic witterings gave a deal of confirmation of the socialists answer that to achieve equality all that is required is to make everyone equally poor.
Except for the glorious leaders who must be allowed to enjoy a far better standard of living so as to remain strong enough to take the very hard decisions to perpetrate their utopia.

Corrin Dann's entry for the best and fairest interview 2015, John Campbell is a previous winner for his apology of an interview of Len Pantsdown Brown after his predilection for Asian women was revealed.

If "Boat People" can afford the airfare to Indonesia and the place on the leaky boat, they are not poor in the circumstances prevailing in the shithole they departed from, middle class at least. So would not rational understanding dictate they could achieve so much more in that shithole trying to make things better for all.
On the other hand how many Boat People financed their run to a better life by utilising funds that were gifted to try and do just that.

Paulus said...

I see that she has the temerity to say that she is a role model for women.
Nobody in recent Ne Zealand history has done more damage to the fabric of New Zealand society than Helen Clark.
She and her coterie of single lesbian feminists.
She is a disgrace.

Edward the Confessor said...

"Nobody in recent Ne Zealand history has done more damage to the fabric of New Zealand society than Helen Clark."

ROFL. How so? Nice to see you're still angry and scared, Paulus. Long may it last.