Saturday, July 25, 2015

Entirely likely

Slater at whaleoil has a very believable opinion on how the Serco saga has unfolded  on his blog this morning.
Explains why Davis was so apparently un prepared when he called for the snap debate and other matters.


Howie said...

Yeah right. The Nats' flagship love affair with private prisons has been exposed for the tawdry arrangement it is, despite the desperate need of both the Nats and Serco to cover up the appalling performance of the private operator. You guys are now frantically trying to spin the policy's abject failure as a win. Sam's a goner and Ray Smith would be too if he wasn't so slimey. Suck it up losers, you can't govern, and this is more proof. Well done to Davis for sticking with it. Result!

Noel said...

SERCO poor performer of Australian detention centres and Hospital contract penalities. Add to that penalties at UK detention centres to name a few,one wonders what's so attractive about those contracts. Oh of course, there is no duty of care just a minor loss to the service provider from their possible layout. Geez I hope other institutions safe not up for private contracts.

gravedodger said...

Yet another moronic comment from the Socialist Troll, It all happens in all prisons and to effectively prevent it would be astronomical in cost and the inmates would be severely constrained in what they currently enjoy as privileges.

Did you bother to follow my suggestion and consider Slater's theory.
I was not alone among those who witnessed Davis's snap debate effort and wondered why it was such a poor effort.

On Corrections and Bevan Hanlon's watch, prison officers have died in State prisons and what happens to inmates rates somewhere below what I accept as safety for the keepers as a problem, while they do a needed task I would not want to be anywhere near.

I nearly stopped reading your rant when I reached "The Nats' flagship love affair", as it is nothing of the sort.
Privatising when there is another entity to do something the State does, will always prove to be more efficient but that fact will remain a total mystery to you Howie as you have absolutely no clue as to what the Market does better and how that is achieved. Howie you have no concept of The Market as a mechanism as the above rant proves yet again.

Reports of the administrative demise of Ray Smith have arisen periodically for years but it usually only suggested by those who would give the scum a cuddle, a few thousand dollars and ask them to mend their ways.
Everyone with more than two functioning brain cells knows that is just beyond the possible and Ray Smith is still there.

In addition to Slater's theories I believe K D is being set up to fail here as there are many in the opposition who would rather have had Harre and Hadfield in the Parliament. That was foiled by KD in a very successful campaign delivering such a potential disaster to sink into a Northland Swamp. K D made some very utu driven people his enemies for ever last December and they all have long memories.

Howie said...

"Privatising when there is another entity to do something the State does, will always prove to be more efficient..."

Not in this case. The state's been forced to step in to do the private sector's job for it. Reality stares you in the face and you don't even notice.

"I believe K D is being set up to fail here"

Interesting definition of failure. He's humiliated the government by forcing them to admit that the private prison industry can't do the job it's being paid handsomely for and send in the state. If he hadn't done that the appalling condition inside the prison would still be covered up.

Oh and remember, Ray Smith let Pillip Traynor go to Brazil on day release. He's a legend.

gravedodger said...

I didn't suggest KD's faltering effort was a failure but it has raised doubts as to his ability to perform. A Machiavellian little fat faggot would be more than capable of "assisting" K D in that, just as I recall who was most pleased when poor old Davy held up the two stinking Snapper. Didn't work out then but I have no faith that his protestations of not trying again then or now and K D is going to want to try for a seat on the Carousel eventually.
Alf's bestie is always playing the long game that he studied for all those years at Helen's Knee.

Fitting that you choose Traynor, mate of yours is he, wouldn't surprise in the least.
Traynor was a lying conniving scumbag and I am betting there are more than a few who are seriously pissed off at the reductions in privileges and rewards his little jaunt has brought down. He could easily slip on a wet floor as an unpredictable accident in any prison.
Bet you and Hanlon would have just loved to have been able to pin Traynor's expensive little jaunt on Serco, pity is it was the poor old Taxpayers who fronted the cash for that Union failure so lets blame Ray Smith, in your tortured mind you probably have Ray driving Phil to the Airport.

Howie said...

"it was the poor old Taxpayers who fronted the cash for that Union failure"

It wasn't the union that let Traynor out on day release, you retard, it was Corrections. Ray Smith runs Corrections. He also set up the contract with Serco. Perhaps he actually works for the opposition. If so he's doing great.

I have no idea what your first paragraph is about as it's so poorly written. This is a bit sad as it means I can't casually demolish it, like I'm doing with the rest of your arguments. Keep trying though, funny man.