Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Depends On A Concept Of Human.

While Blessie's Family grieve, there are many who by their actions condemned her to die,  who continue to dance around on their pin head.

Human rights, privacy, justice, all high sounding basics of our way of life that when applied to the young male killer and child molester by the hand wringers and their enablers, sadly left Blessie, violated, and quite dead but not until she had been treated in what has turned out to have been her last hours as a degrading, horrifying, traumatic and ultimately fatal end.

The piece of excrement had a record of behaviour and interaction with the system that at all times since reaching his teens were clear markers he was an unrecoverable degenerate, hell even his Grandfather is quoted as believing he was only fit for being "put down".

In an age where some strange people can claim animals need to be given a place in life, a status equal to what civilised humans have come to regard as normal. Hence we have dog lovers treating their canines as children, society being called to give equal protections to the apes and monkeys, and even whales and dolphins are being afforded rights aligning with what Humans expect as a right..

It is in very recent history it was entirely lawful for Negros,  Aboriginals, Mongols, Slavs and Jews to be regarded as somehow subhuman and therefore undeserving of what passed for the rights of self recognised superior humans. Germany in the nineteen thirties enabled possibly the ultimate high priest of racists to exterminate millions of "inferior" humans.
Racists in the 'deep south' of the US were  treating Afro Americans as somehow undeserving of basic human rights and winning high office by being so retarded politically in the second half of last century, similarly in South Africa, but when equally thick manipulating modern racists such as Mugabe use the same tactics it is somehow less wrong.

I can reveal the name of the  Judge who in his exalted position to make a real difference, who declined to sentence Blessie's killer to Preventative Detention following his appalling assault on the little girl in Tauranga ten years ago after he lured his victim into his car with a series of assurances he was in contact with the child's mother even to a point where he feigned a phone call to the mother.
He was only foiled when a policeman,  acting on a hunch went to the waterfall carpark and discovered the little girl and her abductor.

Justice Patrick Keane mistakenly decided that the teenager could be reformed and how wrong was he ten years ago.
The psychiatrists report that led to the further ten years of "intensive supervision" with the electronic anklet that made his movements after running Blessie down a compelling case in the conviction, leaves no room for doubt that he should never have been released from secure custody.
Hell the scrote even stayed at his apartment overnight to comply with his release conditions and the curfew. That compliance had Blessie now dead, in his garage until the curfew allowed the killer to remain compliant, then after the 0600 court imposed release time, permitted his travel to the cemetery where he dumped Blessie the next day.

Alas that is only strike one for the POE who I will not even dignify by according him the name he went to such lengths to keep suppressed, here's hoping he will be sentenced next month by a judge with Tony Adeane's  attitude and he remains in the hole until he is too feeble and weak to feed himself or wipe his bum.

By all that is sacrosanct to me, that saga does place severe doubts on my total opposition to state sanctioned killing, perhaps if I could somehow remove his very faint claim to be  Human, could be a way to give him the justice he so richly deserves.

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rivoniaboy said...

You know shit about South Africa, it's history and it's peoples. Stick to New Zealand commentary and think before you make stupid generalisations.