Thursday, July 2, 2015

Classic Media Spin!!

The intelligent and practical amongst us know which of the two versions of the very successful live animal export story will get the coverage.
Ministry of Primary Industries or SAFE (save animals from exploitation)?

Hans Kriek the serial complainant of any activity where someone makes money or even just enjoys being involved with animals has a very different take on what was proved to be a very successful export of live sheep and cattle to Mexico from the Port of Timaru last month.

Ele Luddeman at Homepaddock guts the sad little Dutchman seeking relevance  but there is no doubt he will survive and a worshipful media will again seek his witless mutterings.

Ele points out the death rates were below the 40 such efforts from Australia last year for percentage deaths of live animals being exported and many of the Australian shipments only go from Darwin to Indonesia.

Of much greater significance, the live animal export from Timaru to Mexico death rate, was less than one fifth of the average death rate for people on cruise liners.
Also when People 'cruise', it is well accepted an increase in average weight will occur from all the eating, drinking and reduced exercise, but nothing to compare with the 10 to 12 percent weight gain of the animals that the great whinger will ignore on that two week cruise to Mexico
It is an established fact that animals under "stress" will only lose weight  but Mr Kriek's enablers will not mention such unfortunate facts.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

A SAFE spokeswoman said (to Paul Henry) something to this effect, ".. that's 291 sheep who would otherwise be alive."

I doubt that they would ever have been bred and born in the first place if not for export purposes.

Anonymous said...

Every farmer I have met in recent times speaks favourably of the venture and hopes it can soon be repeated.