Saturday, July 4, 2015

Blood Thicker Than Whiskey

Ron might be quick off the Mark as deputy leader but he's better watch his back.

When Shane Jones turns up to take over, Mark will be a little Maori boy from Wairarapa (where's that?) up against two big boys from Nga Puhi.  My bet is that whatever promises Peters made to Mark won't be worth the whiskey they floated on.  Of course it was all oral, that's the Maori way.  Then you can change it later.

I can just about hear Shane Jones address to the caucus during the battle for party leader.

"Friends, unlike my rival I am unable to lay claim to having not quite made it into the SAS.  Neither am I able bask in the glory of having served gallantly among the mechanical workshops of a Sultan's palace.  No, I have nothing to match the illustrious combat history of my rival.  All I managed to do was lead the Waitangi Fisheries Commission and chair the Parliamentary Finance and Expenditure committee.  Oh, I nearly forgot about that time I was a cabinet minister.

One thing I can tell you though.  When it comes to negotiating the best coalition deal for our party, I'll leave Ron Mark for dead any day of the week."

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