Monday, July 20, 2015

Blindfold With A Bootlace

A racist denigration that I thought had been consigned to history along with;

Why do the klan wear white robes, so the thick bastards dont lynch the wrong rapist.
Or where do the police begin to look for a Maori, at the tip hiding among the other seagulls.
Why do Afro Americans rape white chicks, they are easier to find in the dark.

Not very nice and certainly not funny, so can someone explain how Twit Twyford  and Angry Andy are getting such an easy ride in the MSM while their outrageous misuse of raw data from a branch of B & T garnered in such dubious circumstances seems acceptable.
With every day that passes, the conclusions drawn are becoming more discredited and racist to the point where the acknowldged expert on such matters political from St Marys Bay is even backing off.

Every realestate sale and purchase I have signed as purchaser was bought in the name of a very Celtic name, as agent.

As if the blatant racism in accepting that a person named Young is most likely to be a foreign domiciled Chinese national for the purposes of a beatup when the truth is that by far the biggest drivers of rising Auckland house prices is returning citizens from what used to be very long stay OE or genuine immigrants from almost any country one wishes to name.

I have no idea where the B & T office that was the source of the data but if it was in Howick or Pakaranga then a high percentage of "Chinese" names could present but even then it is a ridiculously long bow to draw in suggesting it is "The Yellow Peril".


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It is not coincidence that the Chingaling story was published in the Herald on the day that Colmar Brunton polling commenced. But the whole tawdry contrived plan failed. No bounce for Labor, no damage to National.

Dd you hear the thud as Little smashed nto the canyon floor?

Noel said...

We cannot prove or disprove if non residents are distorting property markets in NZ because there is no reliable data. Guess that says it all.

gravedodger said...

I understand that blatant racism is OK for a troll such as yourself noel .
Pop over to KB and check out Ng tearing Rob Hosking a new one

Noel said...

Get real .

I said non residents you dumb shut.

Noel said...

Big Russian boat in harbour. Anecdotal evidence suggests European and Asian major players in the market. Of course when we have a register of non resident buyers we will have a better picture. Nothing racist about that old man.

gravedodger said...

And the non resident market player, who must be a Chinese national to fit the latest xenophobic beat up, uses a NZ domiciled company to buy property.
How will that fit should it be the Smith Number two Trust c/o Simpson Grierson trustee as the address for service, listed as the major shareholder.

It is all about racism and only allows a racist such as yourself to embrace it and then try to rationalise the abhorrent behaviour.

What part of "they look different and their names sound different" bit in the beatup escapes your limited brain function.