Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So the 'nice' Mr Little is opposed to changing the flag (despite it being Labour Party policy to do so) but now he's all for ditching the national anthem .... perhaps he wants it changed to the 'Internationale' sung at Labour Party conferences until recently.

I see too he has an ally in Winston First.

Is it just me that is confused about this apparent inconsistency of approach?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Tomorrow he will announce it is Labour Party policy to do away with the parliamentary payer; on Friday he will announce the Pope should be NZ's head of state, rather than the Queen and on Monday the latest new idea will be amalgamation with Australia.

Anonymous said...

He's's not the national anthem it is the national dirge, the most uninspiring sleep inducing piece of composing since the invention of pan pipes.

But he must be wrong because he belongs to the LABOUR party and it is perfectly obvious from past posts he will never do or say anything that you agree with.

Howie said...

Gotta say you tend to scratch around looking for things to disagree with. A very ugly trait. Meanwhile the government lurches from one cock up to the next , which I guess explains your vicious negativity.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has spent many years in Australia I suggest that lots of Australians can't stand their anthem - many are particularly confused by the reference to "gert bycee" - they don't know who she is.


The Veteran said...

Anon/Howie ... so the inconsistency doesn't bother you at all then? Figures.

For Stewart61 ... you and me both.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Imagine the bullshit, cost and fantasies we'd be exposed to if Little Winston and Angry Andy had their way.

Culturally sensitive Hip Hop anyone?

They're running true to form. A stuff poll [yeah I know it's unscientific] shows that 69% don't agree with them.

The Veteran said...

One final point Anon and Howie .... by any measure it's a HUGE own goal from Messrs Little and Peters.
I am quite happy to acknowledge that Key went out on a limb for this and probably alienated some of his support demographic in doing so.

Peters was against this from the start playing to his own supporters who are more likely than not to be resistant to change. Little flipped a flop and road roughshod over announced Labour Party policy when he sniffed the political wind and sensed the opportunity to stick to to Key. Both Little and Peters made much of the argument that the $26m cost of the referenda was a waste of money.

And now with their publicly announced support for ditching the national anthem they have shot themselves in the foot over the cost issue. Surely neither Little and Peters would be so stupid to circumvent the democratic process by issuing a prime ministerial fiat approving a new national anthem so what have we left .... a binding referendum similar to the current process. The cost argument is in tatters.

Thank you both ... talk about defeat from the jaws of victory.