Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Accidents Happen.

Auntie Marrisa tells the world via facebook poor little Ihaka had a terrible tragic accident.

Guess that depends on a concept of  accident !

Beyond doubt Ihaka Stokes death was Tragic, was Terrible but Accident?  that is possibly why the Police have interviewed nearly 50 people to try and make sense of it all. At least they are getting to make inquiries and are not being required to wait while the story is sorted under the protection of an MP, Kamatua or some social worker  calling  for space for the family to grieve.

Would at 14 months old, having skull bones too weak to protect against   trauma  preventing a brain from damage sufficient to cause death, be an accident.
Maybe the poor little bugger being too slow in avoiding whatever it was that impacted his skull resulting in death was considered an accident.
Another accident could be just being born into an unlucky home environment.
Could the failure of legislation that prevents correctional smacking be construed as an accident.
It is  accepted that repeated defecation could be another wee accident.
Falling off a table while not wearing protective hat, hi viz and a harness could also be an accident.

Police reports of multiple fractures and other suspected assault injuries tend to allow speculation as to the validity of Aunties claims, add in a heavily pregnant mother,  a step dad Troy Taylor and Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Ford's comment;
the majority of dealings with those close to Ihaka had been positive, but "like any investigation there's certain people that will not engage"
 and the red flags increase.

Sadly, whatever happened to Ihaka Stokes will in all probability never be revealed in full allowing a rational assessment to be made as to whether it was an accident or preventable incident,  a wild guess suggests to me accident is going to come up short Auntie.

Then again I may be guilty of employing the "Twyford protocol" in identifying who, what and why.


Paulus said...

As usual the iwi have been told by the Kuia to play schtum.
Experience has taught them that they can get away with that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Psycho Milt said...

Anonymous shouty retard: I haven't seen anything about name suppression being lifted in this case. Feel free to name names on your own blog, but leave ours out of it.