Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Variation on the Guns Don't Kill theory.

The Powerful Pro Gun lobby in The US often claims "guns don't kill, people kill", well now we have another legal activity threatened because dumbarse dropkicks can't use their last two remaining brain cells in pursuit of a very addictive "Hobby."

"Drones" is the latest descriptive to be converted to a new and quite sinister activity.

Small, lightweight, remote controlled and very affordable aircraft are giving considerable delight and enjoyment to thousands but, as with all activity, a very small bunch of vacuous boneheads will destroy it for all others acting within reasonable behaviour mores.

Reports of close encounters with commercial aircraft are becoming more numerous and the latest to have crossed my notice was one that came within what was termed a close encounter, at a height of 2000 ft, of a landing commuter service of an un-named operator
Given that all aircraft heights are in ft above sea level that could have been only a hundred feet above the ground but whatever, it would be rather damaging should a "drone" be sucked into an engine during the more hazardous bits of flight ie take offs and landings.

So retards who are just too simple to be out of a secure place will destroy it for everyone as those who rule over us will act once again to save us all.
Howie will be orgasmic at  another opportunity for another ban to keep the plebs from enjoying themselves.

Sales, possession, operating, watching, enabling will all be banned because the thickest don't see what their selfish stupid irresponsible actions could bring about.

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