Friday, July 31, 2015

We Ate The Rooster And The Sun Still Came Up.

From Viv Forbes at The Pickering Post.

Every morning just before dawn our rooster crows and soon afterwards the sun comes up. We have observed no exceptions over three months - clear evidence of perfect correlation. Therefore we have concluded that the crowing rooster causes the sun to rise.
My wife Flora (who believes that the Cooee birds bring the rain) said: “I knew that ages ago - Professor Percival told me.”
So I consulted Professor Percival, our neighbour. He is Professor Emeritus in the “Science in Society” Department at Top-Line University. He specialises in the effect of sound waves on atmospheric transmissivity. He says that some roosters produce sound waves of just the right frequency to affect the dawn visibility through the thick morning atmosphere. He has written peer-reviewed papers on the subject which has been named “The Percival Effect”. In all the hallowed halls, it is regarded as “settled science”.
However, we decided that our rooster was not doing his day job, so he ended up as roast dinner last night.
Flora was very concerned – “what if the sun does not appear at all tomorrow?” she wailed.
But the sun rose as normal.
Flora was relieved but a concerned Professor Percival went off to check his calculations “for feedback loops”. He is still checking.
One thing was proved conclusively in just one day – roosters crowing do not make the sun appear. Something else causes the sun to rise. Our ninety-two correlations did not prove causation. But just one disproof was needed to kill the Percival Effect.
So it is with the Greenhouse Effect. For about 20 years now, carbon dioxide levels have risen steadily but global temperatures are trending level. Therefore CO2 does not control global temperature.
One disproof is all that is needed.
“No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.” Albert Einstein

thanks to Larry Pickering.

Those Who Ignore History.

Today, the world has many countries who's earlier inhabitants have been over come by more recent arrivals.
South Africa, Australia, New Zealand,  USA and Canada and South America, and others have resulted in the indigenous being swamped numerically, politically, economically and socially

Meanwhile highly populated regions with a fast growing Muslim population  have started a mass migration back to nations  who were for centuries the colonisers and far too many political leaders seem to just want to be spectators.
When Abbott and Morrison embarked on a policy of stopping the boats, the luvvies and the ALP said it cant be done. Now after 23 months of no boats making it to Mainland Australia Willee Shorten has finally made his ALP see sense and adopt the Turnbacks as policy albeit with a rider if it can be done humanely, Why do visions of Tui Billboards cloud my thinking.
So after six years of illegal arrivals at around a thousand a month and many more drowning while trying,  plus eyewatering billions in costs under KRudd and Gillard, Abbott has seen his only real political success evolve. That is the only migration  pushback that has occurred in decades.

France because of its historic links to North Africa has major problems and now with the migration across the Mediterranean, all of Europe has similar threats to its way of life.
The UK has large areas that are for all intents and purposes under de facto Islamic control,  largely  people from  the Sub Continent.

Thousands of mainly Muslim men are continually attempting to make their home in the UK via the Chunnel, what will it take before the surrender is signed.
Forget Chamberlain, his total misreading of Herr Schikelgruber in Munich in 1938,   only cost some 20 million dead to solve, how many now if Europe is to regain its treasured way of democratic freedoms.
Or is Peace in our time c2015 going to allow the total islamisation of the cradle of democracy,  extinguishing religious freedoms, intellectual independence, education opportunity and a treasured way of life.
Assuming the guilt from the actions of those who went before us for what they did as the way of the world is just stupid and will make no progress for humanity, however standing aside while a people with a religious dogma driving their invasion and an accompanying refusal to assimilate or even rub along is a recipe for disaster.
At least the old colonisers brought law, commerce, some form of democracy with its allied freedoms, Islam is still firmly rooted in the world of 1400 years ago and its very structure prevents any modernisation or developing freedoms.
Sweden is facing a serious social problem with its third city Malmo, having at least three grenade attacks in a week and over thirty bombings for the year to date.  A country that has been to the forefront with a  pro immigration stance with little thought to what is a now clearly a growing problem.
When Anders Breivic went rogue over what he saw as an assault on his homeland of Norway and shot  69 people he saw as enablers of the serious threat,  the media, politicians and the chatterati saw nothing to restrain their condemnation of what wikipedia calls a "far right terrorist" yet with many more  being slaughtered monthly in the name of a pedophile prophet such numbers of dead  rarely make the bulletins.

For all that is truly valued,  what will it take before the political leaders see what many already understand only too well, Islam is on its Crusade and they will not stop at the Gates Of Jerusalem, or even the Green hills of England, the World is their target and with the way the response to ISIL?ISOL,  The Caliphate or whatever the current euphemism might be in Syria and Northern Iraq, is running, they  have occupied The Rhineland and  Czechoslovakia with Austria, Poland,  Alsace/ Lorraine  and the rest of France to follow.
Somehow the best hope is a Churchill will emerge but there is little sign of that.
At least as Herr Schikelgruber rose to his dictatorship  after the Death of Hindenberg Churchill was actively warning where it would end with his almost lone voice while appeasers and enablers just watched,  but today there is only Le Pen, and maybe Farage and they aint no Winston  Churchill.

I concur with the recent prognostications of Military Leaders who are suggesting a hundred years war and that might still end in defeat. Delaying a declaration will only result in many more causalities for both sides but I do not care too much over the Islamist dead, at least they have an afterlife to look forward to, me, I am only concerned with the here and now. That does not include a monotheist religion that as demonstrated in the areas under the control of the followers of the one god and his prophet that successfully buried the leading civilisation of its time,  continues to survive on keeping its followers in a state of mindless abdication of power to the Mad Mullahs.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015


in their condemnation of the justice system over the treatment of Arun's killers ... the latest being continued name suppression for the scroat found guilty of  his 'manslaughter' (murder) and for his accomplice acquitted on the same charge.    

I can understand the Kumar's frustration.   All along the two accused were portrayed as victims; victims of a poor upbringing; victims of an uncaring society, victims of themselves.    I reject completely the ascertain that they didn't mean to cause Arun harm .... for f**ks*ke ... why do you carry a knife if you don't mean to use it ... to intimidate ... and if the person isn't intimidated and fights back you drop the knife and run away ... yeah right ... or in this case, wrong ... dead wrong.  

The Kumar family are the victims, not the other way round.

If the Judge orders continued name suppression post sentencing it will be a travesty of justice.
Age is no excuse.   A man is dead.   His family grieve.   The perpetrator will be released in short order while the Kumar family will continue to serve a life sentence.

And does anyone want to stake their reputation that neither of these two 'victims of circumstance' will ever again appear before the Courts ... and pigs will fly and Colin Craig for Pope.

Justice is indeed blind in this instance.


What Will The Bill Come To? Bill, As In How Many Bill(ion)?

The ALP held it annual convention last weekend and amid the hullabaloo came a pledge from leader Shorten that he will have Australia's energy needs 50% renewable in just 15 years. Currently the figure is around 13% and that includes Tasmania that could meet the ambitious target but it is miniscule in the big picture.

Now apart from the Snowy River scheme built in the 1950s and sixties in the head waters of the Murrumbidgee that then feeds into the Murray,  mainland Australia has very little option for Hydro on a scale to get anywhere near such a bold claim.
So that leaves Wind and Solar as the only other options and with wind very problematical on several fronts including Health issues from the very low frequency sound emissions of the turbines, serious lack of wind full stop without any reference to peak demand times, High costs of installation and transmission lines. Adding in a life of twenty years and the need for significant subsidies to achieve any production, wind energy does not come cheap, particularly when compared to the unit cost of coal fired energy.
Solar has many linked problems with the biggest demands when the Sun don't shine at the forefront.

Now The Once Lucky Country has coal for ever all over the place and it also shares a rabid distrust of Nuclear as an option so for Mr Shorten to get any where near his very cynical promise the one thing he avoided was the costs,  estimated to be many eye watering  billions that when spread over consumers will make the KRudd/Gillard carbon tax seem allied to a church Bring and Buy.

With a Population of 24 million concentrated for nearly 10 million on Sydney and Melbourne surely the very best option for such a target would at least include pebble Nuclear and from what I am reading there is a loud silence on that.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Colin Craig

Today's events have led to an outpouring of comments all over the blogs and there's not much I have to add except to observe that my understanding of defamation is that for action to succeed, statements by the accused have to be shown to be not only untrue but to have been made with malicious intent while known to be untrue.

I think Mr Craig will struggle.


So the 'nice' Mr Little is opposed to changing the flag (despite it being Labour Party policy to do so) but now he's all for ditching the national anthem .... perhaps he wants it changed to the 'Internationale' sung at Labour Party conferences until recently.

I see too he has an ally in Winston First.

Is it just me that is confused about this apparent inconsistency of approach?

IT Might Be A Good Move Adam.

Adam Goodes is a big name in Aussie Rules, plays for The Sydney Swans, is very adept at the game including milking penalties and playing the 'poor me card' on and off the field.
That said he has carved out a stella career in the AFL.

He was awarded Australian of the year some time ago and is regarded as a success in the travel to normalising of the place of Aboriginals in modern Australia.

Lately some fans, and everyone knows they can be knuckle dragging retards particularly when lubricated with alcohol, have been finding fault with Goodes tactics and Booing him.
Now most players would just ignore such behaviour and get on with playing the game, however Goodes has recently raised the stakes by making a sort of war-dance towards the booing spectators and quite naturally that is seen as similar to giving the finger  salute, just recall how Andrew Mehrtons effort on the High Veldt went down with the Boors.

The poor wee petal is now upset and has taken "time out" to deal with the trauma and hurt.
Sorry Adam it aint your ethnicity it is how you behave and then react and if you were a blond haired Caucasian you would be treated no different.

Australian sport is littered with some amazing talent who have come from way back in the bunch to star as Aboriginal sports personalities. Evonne Goolagong Cawley, The Ella Brothers, Nicole Cusack, Jonathon Thurston, Ben Harradine, Cathy Freeman, to name a few who were/are embraced as National icons, but had they moved into the territory Goodes has ventured, would have been given similar treatment.

Nothing to do with your race Mr Goodes and the best idea I have heard lately is retirement, take what remains of your Mana and let it go. Perhaps you might just work it all out some day, here hoping for your sake.

Labour's Last Hope

It's clear from Andrew Little's latest dumb utterances that Labour lives in a make believe world, totally out of touch with reality.  Much like a TV show - say, somethng like Dad's Army.

The cast:

Captain Mainwaring

Image result for grant robertson
Image result for captain mainwaring

Private Pike (You stupid boy!)

Image result for private pike in dad's armyImage result for chris hipkins


Image result for private pike in dad's armyImage result for jacinda ardern

Sergeant Wilson

Image result for phil goffImage result for sergeant wilson

Private Walker

Image result for private joe walkerImage result for trevor mallard mp

Depends On A Concept Of Human.

While Blessie's Family grieve, there are many who by their actions condemned her to die,  who continue to dance around on their pin head.

Human rights, privacy, justice, all high sounding basics of our way of life that when applied to the young male killer and child molester by the hand wringers and their enablers, sadly left Blessie, violated, and quite dead but not until she had been treated in what has turned out to have been her last hours as a degrading, horrifying, traumatic and ultimately fatal end.

The piece of excrement had a record of behaviour and interaction with the system that at all times since reaching his teens were clear markers he was an unrecoverable degenerate, hell even his Grandfather is quoted as believing he was only fit for being "put down".

In an age where some strange people can claim animals need to be given a place in life, a status equal to what civilised humans have come to regard as normal. Hence we have dog lovers treating their canines as children, society being called to give equal protections to the apes and monkeys, and even whales and dolphins are being afforded rights aligning with what Humans expect as a right..

It is in very recent history it was entirely lawful for Negros,  Aboriginals, Mongols, Slavs and Jews to be regarded as somehow subhuman and therefore undeserving of what passed for the rights of self recognised superior humans. Germany in the nineteen thirties enabled possibly the ultimate high priest of racists to exterminate millions of "inferior" humans.
Racists in the 'deep south' of the US were  treating Afro Americans as somehow undeserving of basic human rights and winning high office by being so retarded politically in the second half of last century, similarly in South Africa, but when equally thick manipulating modern racists such as Mugabe use the same tactics it is somehow less wrong.

I can reveal the name of the  Judge who in his exalted position to make a real difference, who declined to sentence Blessie's killer to Preventative Detention following his appalling assault on the little girl in Tauranga ten years ago after he lured his victim into his car with a series of assurances he was in contact with the child's mother even to a point where he feigned a phone call to the mother.
He was only foiled when a policeman,  acting on a hunch went to the waterfall carpark and discovered the little girl and her abductor.

Justice Patrick Keane mistakenly decided that the teenager could be reformed and how wrong was he ten years ago.
The psychiatrists report that led to the further ten years of "intensive supervision" with the electronic anklet that made his movements after running Blessie down a compelling case in the conviction, leaves no room for doubt that he should never have been released from secure custody.
Hell the scrote even stayed at his apartment overnight to comply with his release conditions and the curfew. That compliance had Blessie now dead, in his garage until the curfew allowed the killer to remain compliant, then after the 0600 court imposed release time, permitted his travel to the cemetery where he dumped Blessie the next day.

Alas that is only strike one for the POE who I will not even dignify by according him the name he went to such lengths to keep suppressed, here's hoping he will be sentenced next month by a judge with Tony Adeane's  attitude and he remains in the hole until he is too feeble and weak to feed himself or wipe his bum.

By all that is sacrosanct to me, that saga does place severe doubts on my total opposition to state sanctioned killing, perhaps if I could somehow remove his very faint claim to be  Human, could be a way to give him the justice he so richly deserves.

Monday, July 27, 2015

You Couldn't Make This Up....

...could you?

"A massive oversupply of Kiwi teachers is forcing trained educationalists to seek other professions, or teach maths, a problem which may continue for several years."

So say's TVNZ in its daily attack on Gummint policies

Oh the shame of it all.   That'll teach the dork to go for a pussy worthless arts degree.

Karl du Fresne on Saturday

I often  have a bit of a lament on what I see as measurable declines in Journalism as a means to inform as to  what actually happened.

Recently Karl did a piece on Hagar's claims his journalistic endeavours that seem to play out in a three year cycle in the form of election influencing "books" that are not in du Fresne's opinion anything near what he understands journalism to be.
Now from my take it was a fair and reasonable summary of Hagar's works.

In his blog last Saturday he gives some further revealing comment on how his assessment of Hagar as a journalist has gained some equally revealing evidence of how the socialist left see his summary.

 Well said that man and worth a read.

I Wont Say Told You So.

However as the Northland By-election unfolded leaving Joyce and his monumentally inept side kick, Jo de Joux, writhing in the sands of the far north I did muse on whether  the broad  hints from Little Angry Andy  might just be playing Russian Roulette in  throwing Willow Jean under The NZF bus.
 Only the dopy prick had five chambers loaded of the six and that reduces the odds by some considerable margin over the revolver with only one round chambered.

Now that the duplicitous Dwarf has left AAL in the dust of Bowen St on his way to the forum my musings may have been more than a little prescient.

As third preferred Prime Minister for the little leader, how long before Robbo gets randy again and  lust replaces lost.
Clark managed to maintain her leadership throughout some rather sad polling in opposition but she had a reasonable bunch who saw her as the best to lead to the other side and El Dorado, I am certain the little leader does not have anywhere near that sort of support, certainly in the caucus.
The established coterie with previous announced ambitions and the necessary belief in their confused thinking they are up for it, must be working out third is not even second loser in politics.

I am wondering if the little leader will make it to 'the ides of march', if the assaination  is to have any hope of success,  if that could describe what yet another Titanic deck chair rearrangement could ever be, I would be suggesting about the end of the parliament in December at the latest.

One thing for sure the grand play in the far North has The Old Master as a serious problem and nearly every day at questions for oral answer the crafty old doyen has the opposition numero uno  persona firmly embedded in the minds of all the watchers.
The unfortunates in shot when the little leader makes another failed foray are a veritable study in body language, they vary between, fear, dismay, pity, and 'how did it come to this', then when they think the strange might just be  funny, their response is still confused at best.

On Labour's Leadership Woes

I blogged yesterday on the dreadful poll result for Andrew Little.

Some wag over at Whaleoil has suggested they go down the co-leader path but in a bid to out PC the Greens, appoint Robertson and Little.  This would give them a poofter and a wanker.  Much better than the boring old male female job share.

However I've got a better idea.  Labour should announce that 'leadership' is nineteenth century and the party will break new ground and operate without one.  True democracy in action.

This will have the effect of taking the preferred PM polls out of the news and will make journalists work a little harder.  They'll have to remember who is the party's respective spokesthing for each portfolio.

State run, good, you are kidding!

The Union sponsored beatup on Serco is  going to its next stage  today, while a disturbance yesterday at Corrections run  Mangaroa is blamed on understaffing.
Apparently at around 100k per prisoner in the corrections setup, more money will stop thugs smashing thugs, so long as it leads to more staff, union members of course.

A  minor problem arises at Waikato DHB with a couch operator and over a score of patients being sought after treatment by an unquallified shrink. Could that happen at a privatised hospital, possibly, but more money at a DHB will fix it, right.

Headline yesterday,  violence also happens in state run prisons, gosh how is that.

There are so many facets of prison management that could cut costs and prevent mindless thuggery but they would be deemed unacceptable.

Great aint it that such wrongs in Society only happen when nanny state is exposed to the real world, we are so lucky.
Cant wait for all security firm work handed back to the police, all WoF  removed from contracted workshops, motor regs and distance licences back to an enlarged Post Office,  close charter, integrated and private schools,  remove volunteers from Fire and Ambulance, I mean the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea are virtual Utopia eh.

The biggest advantage with privatising comes with accountability as Serco is discovering. With nanny state such hazards just never exist.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Little By Little......

....Labour is disintegrating.

TV3 poll confirms Winston Peters is leader of the Opposition.

Of course, Patrick Gower tries to  keep  the Chingaling story going but Little is stuffed, hovering just over single figures as preferred PM.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Entirely likely

Slater at whaleoil has a very believable opinion on how the Serco saga has unfolded  on his blog this morning.
Explains why Davis was so apparently un prepared when he called for the snap debate and other matters.

Once upon a time------

Those who chose to do bad things were called "outlaws", as such, as well as being "wanted"  by whatever passed for a legal system they were also beyond the protections that were the right of the law abiding.
That a number of those so deemed were not outlaws because they were as yet unconvicted or even "caught"  may have been luck, power or protected by those in power , an inherent unfairness that has been addressed to some degree.

I am not advocating for "Bedlam", "Newgate" or even the old "Mt Eden", however the concept that those in a prison retain rights as basic as voting seems a bit precious.

Is it not just a tiny bit odd that the current saga of thugs continuing to be thugs is confined to a gaol that happens to be run by a private company. It is not as if it is unknown at gaols run by "Corrections" as revealed in reports that the killer of Ihaka Stokes got the bash in Paparoa Remand Facility.

Living happily ever after has been somewhat put at risk when the bad bastards who are at the center of Sams rather tawdry world made their unfortunate choices and I for one would be better able to assess the degree of concern  I should be experiencing if some background on what led to their incarceration,  however temporary was published.

Friday, July 24, 2015

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

They are thick,

Totally bereft of intelligent life.

For a time the NZEI, the primary teachers union kept silent and possibly were seen to be less moronic.
Yesterday that facade fell off it's perch when they rejoined the PPTA in their mindless crusade to destroy Charter or in Newspeak, Private Partnership Schools.

Among the scattered garbage flung at the move to address the forgotten thousands who fell off the state school train for any of several reasons, the cloth capped retards intent on the  single driver of protecting the almighty union, we were variously dumped on with;

"They will be able to employ unregistered teachers, yes but what will that do. Only weaken the already well proven fact that 'registration ensures nothing additional to any protections'.
There has been a disastrous parade of registered teachers sexually molesting pupils, committing fraud and contravening drug laws.

These schools will enjoy higher funding levels, again a massive fail, published data reveals the opposite.

PP Schools will have a freedom from the curriculum, well all schools across our nation enjoy remarkable freedom in bringing differing curicula variations to the table.

No the stream of invective directed at the policy involves one single  reason for the attacks, when these schools under the PP  umbrella produce their results they are delivering a level of renewed involvement and successful learning outcomes that are wonderful for the pupils from the discard pile and are an embarrassing revellation of the failure of the cloth cap retards who seem to have absolutely no concerns when up to 20% of the resource is allowed to fail.

The only thing that sustains the sad ignoring of the mass of the talent pool is the easy road of just turning up to work the union protected job for life that is the very worst of retarded union protections, right brothers.

Well brothers, the people out there in world real dont consider your ignorant charade is a goer, some of our youth will be very successful as plumbers, sparkys, chippies, drivers and for that they need to emerge from your green house with skills and enhanced talents that the teacher unions, in their ideological nether world see only as collateral damage and the thought that an alternate system might do things better must be killed at birth.
Apparently the NZLP concurs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

She Needed Treatment

A mother and her twins were refused a ride on a hospital shuttle. 

And quite rightly so, as it turns out.  The safety crazed pooftahs who made the regulations and their scurvy mates now are squealing because their own pettifogging rules outwieghed common sense.

She desparately needed to get to Wellington Hospital for her weekly entitleitis treatment.

Did nobody suggest she could have called a cab?

And Damned Right He Is Too!

The trash tabloid organ of the labour Party is trying to take the piss out of Prince Philip by publishing what they call some of his 'ill-advised comments.'   Here they are and you can judge how ill or otherwise advised they were.

In the aftermath of the Dunblane school massacre in 1996, where 18 people were killed, Prince Phillip questioned the need for a firearms ban: "If a cricketer, for instance, suddenly decided to go into a school and batter a lot of people to death with a cricket bat, which he could do very easily, I mean, are you going to ban cricket bats?"

Of course, he's quite right.

"You look like you're ready for bed!" he once cringe-inducingly commented to the President of Nigeria, who was dressed in traditional robes.

One of the Duke of Edinburgh's early clangers: "British women can't cook," 1966.

"Do you still throw spears at each other?" he tactfully asked a group of Aboriginal performers in Australia in 2002.

In fact, in this modern day and age, they still do.  It's  part of primitive tribal 'justice' in the outback.

"It is very difficult to see how it is possible to become immensely valuable by singing what I think are the most hideous songs," Prince Phillip said about Tom Jones, of all people, in 1969. Later, on how difficult it is to get rich in Britain: "What about Tom Jones? He's made a million and he's a bloody awful singer."

Here, I think he went a bit far.

In 1995 he asked a Scottish driving instructor in Oban: "How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?"

Right on!!!!!

On a tour of a Scottish factory in 2002 he slammed a shoddy fuse box by saying it "looked as though it was put in by an Indian."

Any thoughts on wind turbines? "Absolutely useless" and "an absolute disgrace" apparently.

How right he was.

If Kelvin is the Answer, Move To Question Two.

At the end of questions for oral answer yesterday that I had recorded, the over run caught the opening two speeches  on a snap debate on a request from Kelvin Davis on the Fight Club violence and the clear contraband issues that made the release of the videos public from the Serco run  Mt Eden Remand prison possible.

When Davis got the nomination to contest Northern Maori and replace  the rather useless MP who had departed the Maori Party who delivered the seat to him, only to be dumped as Hadfield set out on his brave new world of Mana,  many people  suggested he was a best thing since sliced bread.
Well Davis won and Mana, the Internet party, Laila Harre and the fat bastard all crashed and burned when they attempted to carry the Obese Finnish/German crook  further into the entrails of government.
Davis came good and I believed it, until his tawdry efforts when he got lucky and Mr Speaker gave him his big chance yesterday afternoon.
What he delivered was a fractured, poorly assembled incoherent and at too many times a faltering litany of unsubstantiated drivel that there are thugs and crooks in prison.  Sheesh who would have thought that could be true.
Under the cloak of privilege and only divulging one single name, prisoner Evans, who has since died from a serious medical infection some weeks after he was taken to hospital with an alleged ruptured lung, the whole refried pan of beans had all the hall marks it was written by Rufus Painter's dementia suffering great aunt.

What it was, as revealed when I had watched his tawdry effort twice was a total beatup attack on Serco, the private UK company who run the Mt Eden remand gaol under a contract to Corrections.
Now everyone knows and understands nothing ever happens to an inmate in a Corrections Dept run facility, yeah right.
This morning we are informed the piece of shit Plod has banged up for killing Ihakaa Stokes got the bash in Paparua mens remand facility that last I heard, was run by dept of corrections and has now been moved to 'protective custody'.
Probably an incorrect report though,  he probably slipped on a wet floor, not that pissing his pants when he got what most kiddy killers can expect in gaol could have made that floor wet.

Of course had KD asked the speaker for a snap debate on private prisons on behalf of the PSA or whoever  the other thugs and contraband smugglers in prisons  have speaking for them, then he would have been rightly refused.
His efforts yesterday were in a word pathetic. It was patently clear from the very poorly assembled and presented ten minutes of torture, he had not expected to get lucky with his letter to the Speaker.

Pesata Sam's effort in reply only made KD look worse and Sam, bless him, is no orator.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Irredeemably Illiterate SMH

What a wonderful  headline from the SMH:

'Dead Man Found On Way To Work

I wonder what his job is?  Counting the peanut Fairfax pays its journalists?


Every political party has its share of weirdos and embarrassments.   The Republican Party is no different and Donald Trump's outburst against Senator John McCain where he took issue with him being described as a war hero places him fair and square in the weirdo and embarrassment category (if he wasn't there already).  

Trump has three things going for him; money and more money and an ego out of control.     His commitment to the Republican Party is at best tenuous having been a leading light in the Reform Party (1999-2001); a Democrat (2001-2009) and a registered Independent (2011-2012).    One thing is for certain ... he is no team player.   It's his way or the highway.

His attack on John McCain is extraordinary from a man who has never pulled on his countries uniform and who sought and gained a student deferment from the draft during the Vietnam war.   He compounded his brainstorm by criticising McCain for failing to act on the scandal that has engulfed the US Department of Veteran Affairs especially DVA run hospitals.  

Memo to Trump.  The UIS DVA is on organ of state run by a Democrat appointed by President Obama.   It's a bit like blaming a colleague Republican for the scandal that had the IRS conducting illegal audits of conservative political groups at the behest of the Obama administration.

Trump is unfit to be a presidential candidate for any political party except perhaps the US equivalent of the McGilliccudy Serious Party.     He joins Hillary Clinton in that regard.

A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

So Andrew Little reckons a capital gains tax will fix the so-called Ackland housing crisis?

Australia has one, along with a pretty hefty slug of stamp duty paid by the purchaser.  Hasn't helped much in Sydney, where prices and the size of loans are going through the roof (pun intended.)

The only way to fix the Auckland problem is to sack the Mayor and thee council top brass, put in a commissioner and release more land for housing.   It would be a fairly simple matter for the commissioner to stop all expenditure connected with Len's rail set; dismiss all the forty or so media hangers; on along with half the thousands of useless planning staff; tear up the ridiculous unitary plan and abolish Len's recent rate increase.   New building consents could be contracted out to City of Tauranga with penalty clauses for undue delay. 

There you are,  Problem solved.

I'm surprised there has not yet been a petition signed by 5,000 iraate ratepayers, calling for the gummint to legislate under urgency for recall local gummint elections.

Me Too Takes Hold.

Angry Andy has embraced the Me Too strategy and there will be some nervous people in his tent.

What ever happened to policy being thought through with input along the chain of branch, region, national conference and then through the parliamentary party's systems to adoption.
He and his predecessors since Key  won the treasury benches have variously cast aspersions on an apparent reliance by the Key outfit on polling in every  policy move and it seems any pretence at holding that perception of highground has been cast aside as Little Angry Andy daily makes policy on the hoof to stay in touch.
At 8% as Preferred PM I guess it was predictable.
This mornings effort was the casting aside of the suggestion to extend the ban on smoking to greater areas at present beyond the Nicotine Nazis successes in bars and restaurants.

When added to the CGT flip-flop, the latest decision to try to out Peter  Peters on xenophobia, the business tax policy, and other shallow me too incidents,  have the fractured NZLP in ever greater confusion as to what the party actually stands for.
So what chance the missing million will re-emerge like Blucher at Waterloo.

Oh No, Max Went On Holiday, The Total Bastard.

One thing that became very important as our spawn headed for adult life, was how important and possibly a last chance to enjoy their company on holidays became, and any such opportunity was to be  treasured.

It is entirely possible that should the Keys have hired a house in Wanaka and gone skiing at Treble Cone, Cardrona,  or any other of the seven or so options available within a two hour drive it would have been no different for a sad old lefty scrabbling for relevance such as Soper, to try and make political 'hay'.

When the 'She Beast' went walking in Nepal,  climbing Kilimanjaro, or even strolling through some of the SI's  iconic opportunities I do not recall any comment that she might have been doing something well beyond the economic reach of the poor of South Auckland. Her actions in fact, were lauded for her taking what many understand as necessary 'time out'.
Then of course her clear lack of children did limit such cheap shots and as for her "marriage"____?

Just as the sad inanities attempted using Steph  Key's Art school pics to get a headline, this latest  equally pathetic bashing the family effort is only more evidence that anything is OK if the socialists do it  meme.
Should say Slater, dish it to the family of one of the socialists it would have the Media in a universal frenzy of disgust for attacking the those who should correctly be beyond  such cheap shots.

Bazza could do his country service above and beyond if he just retired and shut up.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Blindfold With A Bootlace

A racist denigration that I thought had been consigned to history along with;

Why do the klan wear white robes, so the thick bastards dont lynch the wrong rapist.
Or where do the police begin to look for a Maori, at the tip hiding among the other seagulls.
Why do Afro Americans rape white chicks, they are easier to find in the dark.

Not very nice and certainly not funny, so can someone explain how Twit Twyford  and Angry Andy are getting such an easy ride in the MSM while their outrageous misuse of raw data from a branch of B & T garnered in such dubious circumstances seems acceptable.
With every day that passes, the conclusions drawn are becoming more discredited and racist to the point where the acknowldged expert on such matters political from St Marys Bay is even backing off.

Every realestate sale and purchase I have signed as purchaser was bought in the name of a very Celtic name, as agent.

As if the blatant racism in accepting that a person named Young is most likely to be a foreign domiciled Chinese national for the purposes of a beatup when the truth is that by far the biggest drivers of rising Auckland house prices is returning citizens from what used to be very long stay OE or genuine immigrants from almost any country one wishes to name.

I have no idea where the B & T office that was the source of the data but if it was in Howick or Pakaranga then a high percentage of "Chinese" names could present but even then it is a ridiculously long bow to draw in suggesting it is "The Yellow Peril".

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Looking at various left wing blogs and you see Greece portrayed as the underdog standing up to the money-changers infesting the temple.

I was interested to read this alternative view ..... 

Experts mandated by the European Union to investigate the causes that led Greece to the current economic situation relate the following facts:

Greece falsified its accounts to enter the euro zone and has distorted the facts until it finally exploded. There were massive retirements at the age of 50 years.  The Evangelismos General Hospital in Athens employed 50 drivers for hospital vehicles andfor official's cars and 45 gardeners for a small lawn with 4 bushes.

Greece has the highest population in the world of people reporting an age of 110 years. The deaths are often not registered and pensions continue to be received. The EU found that there are families receiving up to five pensions which they are not entitled to.  There were still pensions paid to persons who died in 1953, 60+ years ago. 40,000 girls received monthly life pension of 1,000 euros for the simple fact that they were unmarried daughters of deceased civil servants. This, at a cost to the state coffers  of €550 million euros per year. Now they will receive pensions only up to the age of 18.

The pacemakers in Greek hospitals were acquired at a price 400 times  higher than in British hospitals. In Greece, many workers have benefited from early retirement, set at 50 years for women and 55 for men who belong to one of the 600 job categories identified as particularly painful among which included;

- Hairdressers (because of dyes that may be considered harmful)
- The musicians of wind instruments (blowing into a flute is exhausting)
- TV presenters (the microphones are supposed to cause damage to health).

There are thousands of rorts going on.  Take for example the Kopais Lake Agency created in 1957 to supervise the draining of the lake and building of a new road. The task was completed that same year, but the agency with a full-time staff of 30 (including a driver for the president of the agency) still existed through until 2010. 

In the last decade, Greece has created over 300 new public companies. Tax evasion is massive, over 25% of Greeks do not pay a penny on personal income tax. In addition, the weight of the public sector in the economy is overwhelming. There are about one million officials to 4,000,000 active people.

The average salary of employees of the railways exceeds €66.000 per year ... and this includes cleaners and other non-skilled workers.   While 90 million tickets are sold on the Athens Metro many people travel for free.   The income generated comes nowhere near to covering the operating cost.

French retirees receive, on average, 51% of the last salary, the Germans 40%, North Americans 41% and the Japanese 34%.    Meanwhile, Greek pensioners receive 96% of their salary earlier.

Greece has four times more teachers than Finland, the best situated country in the last PISA report, while the student performance in Greece is the lowest among many European countries by comparison.

In an apparent show of goodwill to the EU the Greek Government eliminated 10,000 postal worker positions .... 8,200 were found to be dummy positions.

No wonder the EU, the ECB and the IMF took such a hard-line on the latest bailout.

Was There Nobody Else Available?

Adolf tripped over TVNZ news a few minutes ago.

The feature story is commentary from three young Chinese NZers about Labour's foolish racial profiling.

They all look the same, you know, so it wasn't until I read the names that the penny dropped.

One of the three is a 'business consultant' by the name of Bevan Chuang.  The only business in which she has any experience is funny business in the Ngati Whatua room with the dropkick Mayor.

What Is One More

The greens have found another crusade that can be cured with a Tax.

Plastic shopping bags, Denise Roche,   is banging the drum for a way to reduce the rather unfortunate outcome created by  the billion or so plastic bags that retailers have embraced to give clients a half decent chance to get multiple purchased objects from checkout to vehicle, public transport and then to a final destination, can cause when disposal is poorly done.

I can recall incidents in shopping precinct carparks where a shopper,  in the days of Paper Bags,   had the mortifying experience of a pile of escaped merchandise released to the asphalt due to a failure of the bag from a disastrous split or from a systemic failure brought on by liquid contamination. It is a rare outcome today indeed since the introduction of the lightweight but much more effective Plastic bag.

Of course some of that billion bags will become detritus and cause offense, or worse be  dangerous to wild life resulting from  indiscriminate disposal.
However any convenience has an inherent ability to cause grief if misused and it is the casual disregard or the intentional act of the undisciplined that is the problem not the retailer who is using the technology to make a customer happy.

The rather shallow bid to be seen to be responsible that follows from The Warehouse and Pak n Save to charge for their bags will have an almost nil effect as I get perverse  pleasure from taking a branded Bunnings bag to the Red Shed and a Countdown Bag to Pak n Save to carry my purchases.

As with almost every "project" the Melons move to use for yet another save the planet publicity stunt, it misses the target. It is changing the mindset of the idiot retards  who allow the bag to enter the environment through education that is the answer, as the charge is not effecting such an outcome.  At 5c it is totally ignored as a mechanism and if they were genuinely trying to make people aware that cost would need to be a dollar and then to the dumb it still would be only a cost of doing business but then it might also impact on the very bunch who they wish to bluff with their skilled marketing who just might go to the other mob still giving them for free. The cognisance to understand the free one will be added to the cost of the groceries or the piece of Junk made in China that will only make a short detour on its journey to the land fill anyway, being completely overlooked.

Sadly Ms Roche's solution will never work but she got her moment in the sunlight and it is of no matter that the brain fart will not make a blind bit of difference.  It will be no surprise when such detritus ends up on the roadside.

However as another tax to be levied it will just be added to the growing list.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Every so often you come across a book that you find impossible to put down. Bill Browder's 'Red Notice' published by Random House earlier this year is one of those.

Its sub title is 'How I became Putin's No.1 Enemy'.    Lee Child describes it as "Reads like a classic thriller .... but it's all true, and a story that needs to be told".

Students of history and politics may recognize the Browder's name.   His family were steeped in left-wing politics.   His grandfather was the (in)famous Earl Browder, General Secretary of the Communist Party USA during the 1930s and 1940s and twice their candidate in the 1936 and 1940 Presidential elections.   His father, Felix, was a renowned mathematician who became chair of the University of Chicago mathematics department and was later awarded the US National Medal of Science.

Browder rebelled against his upbringing and in his own words "Then, towards the end of high school, it hit me, I would put on a suit and tie and become a capitalist.   Nothing would piss my family off more than that".

Fast Forward two decades and by 2005 he was a multi millionaire, the founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, the largest foreign investor in Russia.    He made money (huge money) by beating the Russians at their own game when the country was privatized under Yeltsin but, in doing so, ran foul of a corrupt bureaucracy and trod on the toes of a number of oligarchs allied with President Putin.    He was expelled from Russia with the Putin government continuing to pursue a vendetta against HCR and their associated companies.  

His lawyer, Sergei Magnitski, was murdered in Russian Police custody and Browder embarked on a campaign to see justice done.   Against all the odds he persevered with and eventually succeeded in having the United States enact the 'Sergei Magnitski Rule of Law Accountability Act' which placed travel restrictions and froze the bank accounts of a number of high ranking Russians involved in Magnitski's killing.   In 2014 he was successful in having the European Parliament enact similar legislation.

Browder remains a target.   His words again "I have to assume that there is a very real chance that Putin or members of his regime will have me killed some day.   Like anyone else I have no death wish and I have no intention of letting them kill me.   I can't mention most of the countermeasures I take, but I will mention one, this book.  If I am killed, you will know who did it ......"

Read the book and understand.

The Mystery Is Why It Took So Long.

AS the opposing sides involved in Deyson Heydon's Royal Commission into Australian Union Corruption continue to spin the events to suit a political stance, one major principal of law remains hidden in the fog of ignorance.

As the world advances into a prosperous and transparent future commercial entities such as charities, companies and various industries are required to conform to legally binding facets of their operations to allow scrutiny by an increasingly more aware public that their operations and policies are fair, equally applied and honest.

As more information is delivered under oath by witnesses to Heydon's inquiry  a mountain of evidence is growing that Unions are totally exempt from rules that govern other enterprises.

It is no different here and in other jurisdictions and David Cameron has had enough. Now freed from the ball and chain that was the UK liberal Party he has launched a crusade to bring the increasingly irrelevant Trade Union Movement kicking and squealing into the twenty first century.
Similar noises are being heard in Australia, in particular why a Union handling millions of dollars is not subject to all the rules that restrain other commercial entities as to reporting and transparency.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How Strange!!!!!!!

The ABC is reporting the discovery of a so-called 'cache' of weapons found in an old unoccupied house in Sydney's southern parts.  The article does not indicate whether any supplies of ammunition were found.

'Nazi' designed MP40 machine gun

sniper rifle

There is some blurb about how these weapons were 'ready for use anytime' but have a look at the pictures and ask yourself whether you see anything strange?

As soon as I saw the sniper rifle I recognized my old friend the Lee Enfield No 4.  This one obviously has been rebarreled to take .222 rather than .303 ammunition.  All three weapons appear to be WW11 vintage - the No 4 was introduced in 1941.

My guess is they were brought back by returning servicemen after the war and have been hidden away ever since.  No self respecting terrorist would use this equipment when much better weapons are readily available.

And Now For Something Else.....

Are you sick of hearing about Len Brown's depredations, Phil Twyford's stupidity and Bill Shorten's mendacity?   Well, brighten your day and listen up to this amazing story.  It's almost too good to be true.  (hattip Powerline)

30 Mar 2015 11:12:03.567
Image: © The British Library Board (Royal 12 D xvii)
A one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections which originates from a manuscript in the British Library has been found to kill the modern-day superbug MRSA in an unusual research collaboration at The University of Nottingham.

I wonder if the Romans of the Vikings had something that  will kill off socialism?


Dog whistle politics is not new to the country.New Zealand.    There are risks and rewards in playing the game.    Don Brash did it to a 't' with his 'Kiwi vs Iwi' campaign; Winston First has dined out so often that his indulging in it is as predictable as night follows day.   And now Phil Twyford joins the fray ... and on the basis that all publicity is good publicity he's probably achieved his aim ... but at what cost?

Already we have seen resignations from the Labour Party and the word on the street is that there are more to follow with sometime MP, Raymond Ho, tipped to follow suit.   One would imagine they will be serving pork chops chops at Bar Mitzvahs long before the Chinese community donates a single dollar to Labour's election campaign.

Be that as it may and some simple questions for Mr Twyford in elucidation of Labour's policy:  

#1  Your family emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1960s.    Are you really arguing for a policy that would have prevented your Mum and Dad from purchasing a family home?

#2  Will Danny Lee, fresh from his stellar performance on the PGA Tour with over USD$1.5m in winnings over the last ten days, be permitted to buy a house in New Zealand.

#3  Do you see any conflict in the policy measured against clause 2 of the Labour Party Constitution where it states "all people should have equal access to all social, economic, cultural, political and legal spheres regardless of wealth or social position" and "all people, either individually or in groups, may own wealth or property for their own use".

Appreciate the answer.

Swimming Against The Current?

or maybe recognising what happens in the real world.

When Gillard was getting closer to falling off the scaffolding as the weasel saw his chance to stamp on her fingers, she created a ten billion dollar fund to allow those, who in the misguided pursuit  of 'sustainability' could not successfully find a money lender who had both brains and balls and with enough ability to  follow the brains bit, to finance the very doubtful, volatile and expensive alternative energy market.
Public perception had that ten billy funded from her now cancelled carbon tax when the truth was it was all borrowed.

New Zealand is one of the very few economies in the world where wind generation has established without serious taxpayer subsidy due to lower cost establishment, close to networks for best wind sites and short line distances to consumers.
Having been up close and personal with the seven turbines set up in the South Wairarapa East of Martinborough called Ha Nui where no habitation exists within the Noise Zone, and then watched the establishment of the northern Tararua  ridge effort by Trust Power where the turbines dot the ridgeline between Pahiatua and Palmerston North,  I have no objection to the harnessing of the very apparent wind potential in both sites.

In Australia,  using funding from Gillards slush fund, wind towers have been established on farmland where farmers looking for a few dollars have signed up leased areas to generators. there is an increasing concern arising that living too close to the sculptures has an as yet un proven detrimental effect on health from the noise and low level ambient vibrations.
Radio Jock Alan Jones has invested considerable effort into investigating such alleged outcomes.

With the ending of the Carbon Tax and the growing opposition to wind farms as the gloss wears off The Abbott Government has ended any further fingers in that honeypot and the luvvies are exercised.
With an estimated working life for a turbine of around twenty years the replacement will now be sans any subsidy and it is very clear that without the OPMs it wont happen. Oh well the farmers will get a bit of dosh from the scrap.

In general terms without subsidy, the high cost of machinery and installation, establishment of a link to the network makes what seems a very good idea for cheap energy rapidly lose  money. In the main due to a failure for such a variable generation opportunity to match consumption. For example when it is cold and frosty there is no wind.
The very considerable advantage of Hydro is the ability to store water when generation is not needed and that salient fact is colossal whereas with wind and solar it does not exist and all too often the reverse is evident as in no solar when it is night and night can cause serious energy needs.

Ok it is simple but it is a myth where too many people of limited ability to reason get brainwashed by advocates for wind power.
Tony Abbott has worked it out and boy are the threatened piggies squealing at the thought of no more in their trough.
Of course Australia has coal reserves for Africa, and India, and China, and Japan ,and anyone else so increasing energy costs for consumers to harness the increasingly tarnished and bleeding wind farm lobby needs wider acknowledgement as the green preachers of doom have been so successful in denigrating coal as an energy source when the truth is it is the cheapest option and with modern practice more than clean enough, and next off the rank is nuclear.
And I am sorry Tony that will be another against the current swim required.

Accidents Happen.

Auntie Marrisa tells the world via facebook poor little Ihaka had a terrible tragic accident.

Guess that depends on a concept of  accident !

Beyond doubt Ihaka Stokes death was Tragic, was Terrible but Accident?  that is possibly why the Police have interviewed nearly 50 people to try and make sense of it all. At least they are getting to make inquiries and are not being required to wait while the story is sorted under the protection of an MP, Kamatua or some social worker  calling  for space for the family to grieve.

Would at 14 months old, having skull bones too weak to protect against   trauma  preventing a brain from damage sufficient to cause death, be an accident.
Maybe the poor little bugger being too slow in avoiding whatever it was that impacted his skull resulting in death was considered an accident.
Another accident could be just being born into an unlucky home environment.
Could the failure of legislation that prevents correctional smacking be construed as an accident.
It is  accepted that repeated defecation could be another wee accident.
Falling off a table while not wearing protective hat, hi viz and a harness could also be an accident.

Police reports of multiple fractures and other suspected assault injuries tend to allow speculation as to the validity of Aunties claims, add in a heavily pregnant mother,  a step dad Troy Taylor and Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Ford's comment;
the majority of dealings with those close to Ihaka had been positive, but "like any investigation there's certain people that will not engage"
 and the red flags increase.

Sadly, whatever happened to Ihaka Stokes will in all probability never be revealed in full allowing a rational assessment to be made as to whether it was an accident or preventable incident,  a wild guess suggests to me accident is going to come up short Auntie.

Then again I may be guilty of employing the "Twyford protocol" in identifying who, what and why.

Monday, July 13, 2015

More Herald Horseshit

Here's the headline:

Real estate insider: 90 per cent of Auckland properties sold to overseas Chinese in May

And here's the unsensational reality from the article itself:

"Mainland Chinese money snapped up at least 80 per cent of residential sales in parts of Auckland in March but were nearer 90 per cent in May, a whistle blower from the industry says.
Unmitigated scurrilous trash from a disgraceful newspaper.

Is it any wonder nobody trusts the news media to tell the truth about anything

Sorry Dan, Not Gunna Happen

I have enormous sympathy that people such as Dan Carter and his Family have for many reasons lost an aspect of personal privacy  that most enjoy as of right by virtue of who cares.

He is public property, the wedding arrangements, the media blackout and subsequent exclusive glossy release were  very clear and present evidence of the elevated position of life in NZ for Honor Dillon and Dan Carter

His son Marcus should indeed be exempt from the lecherous desires of a witless media to use him but a snap of him on the shoulders of "the man" in a public place is very unlikely to gain any traction as a breach of his right to privacy. Maybe a chat to Mike Hosking sometime.
The value that Dan does not seem to hesitate to employ as an additional source of revenue makes a plea for privacy somewhat suspect.

Knowing Mr and Mrs Carter senior and having enjoyed a glimpse of their clear and obvious pride in what Dan has achieved on the field and some insight of the totally invasive aspects of life in the goldfish bowl,  can I respectfully suggest you give it up unless the published photo contains some manipulation beyond a walk in  public.

The Streisand effect is a far greater hazard than a casual and innocent snapshot.

Test Case For Twyford.

Cam Slater has a link to a website set up by a sense of humour, How Kiwi Are You.

My surname came in as dodgy at 47% likelihood of  being a true Kiwi, Slater came in at 87% OK Ele from homepaddock topped out as 97% kosher and my suggestion yesterday of Smith was deemed to be velly velly Bad at a velly dodgy 7.1% chance of being a Kiwi.

Oh and  Kan as in Raybon, came in well above Smith at 37%

Media Judges Again and The Squash Player goes AWOL

Outlandish claims of who is buying Auckland residential property based on 'leaked' Realestate industry data using ethnicity based information on how Asian (Chinese) the surname read and released as a beatup by Twyford NZLP spokes thingy on Housing.

Now lets say Farrar or Slater or much worse, Judith Collins or Paula Bennett, did a survey on children unlucky enough to fall on their heads and end up in Starship to die when disconnected from life support, based on how Maori their silly first name and surname was recorded, how long before they would be suffocating under an avalanche of opprobrium  for being racist.
The Media, the luvvies, the reawakened Race Relations Commissioner and Uncle Tom Cobleigh  would descend in a hoard to be a part of the political lynch mob and very few would wonder why, yet The Idiot Twyford can make his outlandish shallow racial assertions based on a  data printout that common sense suggests had to be of very suspect legality in its release and the silence is deafening.
Sunday night the State Owned TV infotainment hour found more than enough trivia to exclude what would,  had it been as I fantasised above  have occupied at the very least the first 15 minutes. The disgusting witterings from one of the least liked or respected numpties was conveniently ignored.

Susan Devoid again disappoints while she and  her media enablers abdicate their duty in what was an injudicious  xenophobic manipulation based on likely stolen data when many loyal patriotic citizens  of many generational years of living here were included in a  media and political beatup  list of suspects because their surname may have had a mythical connection based on a possible but subsequently revealed totally incorrect  Chinese immigrant/resident link.

Shameful barely adequate.

Over 48 hours later the ex squash Champ says she is "disappointed" at the use of "half baked data"

Gee that will have Twit Twyford running for the dunny with loosening bowels.

Meanwhile on Planet Labour at present inhabited by the bunch of total numpties trying to out xenophobe the Dwarf, the present leader for life (political) has thrown all his lightweight behind his racist brainless housing spokes thingy.
I understand the NZLP has issues around credibility but when did such abrogation of their beliefs enter their politicalthink.

Is Grunter preparing two Panda cubs gutted and pan ready for his leader to hold up in the house  tomorrow week