Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why Doesn't The UN Protest This?

instead of becoming more and more complicit in what is a massive tragic disaster for all humanity.

Bleeding hearts are having an orgy as it appears Australian border protection has paid money to the Captain and Crew of a leaky boat said to be heading for New Zealand with 65 queue jumping pseudo refugees on board to return to Indonesia.

Pure economics suggests that by spending even 10k to stop these queue jumpers who will happily condemn  poorer bastards in refugee camps to a longer wait is prudent when weighed against the millions that resettling that 65 along with the spawn, squeeze and other relations who will then have a legal right to follow,  will actually cost.

Of course treacherous pricks like Keith Locke, yep the same screwed up commy who still lauds Pol Pot, Joe Stalin and Mao as great leaders, whinges about what he sees as a paltry 750 a year that we already take from the pool of uneducated, unhealthy, souls bereft of any ability to contribute anything beyond sucking welfare from needy citizens that our benighted system continues to create more of  everyday.
Lets extrapolate that 750, and say 750 wives, average 8 sprogs, mum and dad the spouse's  mum and dad and before you can say Allah Akbar, conception pregnancy and another mosque, that so called paltry figure  is approaching 10 000.

However the serious fact ignored in all the rhetoric that accompanies this drum beating is,  if the melons and the softcocks socialists want to welcome boat people, they must first ignore a greater crime against humanity than merely turning a boat back to Indonesia from where they embarked the 65 who had the funds to purchase their new status as "boat people" is adding to the serious deprivation of human rights of the millions who live in squalor in UN Refugee camps.

A potential customer for a seat in a leaky boat must have means unless they are being inserted as part of a larger move by Islamists to get muslims into countries stupid enough to facilitate the destruction of the hard won way of life that seems to matter so little to idiot politicians.

Say one client  in Somalia, passage to Jakarta, $1500,
accommodation and living costs until a seat in the leaky boat is purchased, another $1000,
The seat purchased from the people trafficker currently estimated at over $5000,
Then as this whole dark art beyond the law activity will have little protection from even greater scumbag bastards  running more flimsy scams there will be considerable additional costs before a real seat exists and is acquired.

OK I am making some assumptions here but my point is that when someone for any reason up sticks and makes the run, it is reasonable imho to assume that around $10k US has been removed from the economy of the state at the point of departure, getting to and boarding a boat costs big bucks.
During the KRudd/Gilliard/Krudd disastrous dismantling of John Howard's Border policies, it is claimed over 40 000 made it to mainland Australia plus at least another  1200 who died when the tub they paid good US$ to board, sank at sea. then there will be countless others who never made it to a place in a sinking boat.

Just do the maths. Suddenly how good was that alleged $10k.

The UN has blood, not just on its hands, they are filling Olympic sized swimming pools  with it in their disastrous enabling of the creation, exploitation and incompetent handling of the whole bloody shambles. That includes  the exponentially exploding trafficking in humanity occurring in the Mediterranean as up to a million souls are in transit to Europe via Italy from Libya.

For starters someone needs to destroy every rotting tub that can be converted to a gamblers option to be drowned at sea.
The UN needs to remove their rose tinted sunnies and make concerted efforts to return to assisting those souls who are genuinely created by war amongst two bit thugs who seem to enjoy such mind boggling immunity while travelling internationally, to wit the nice Mr Omar Al Bashir, President  of Sudan recently enjoying diplomatic protected time out in the SA Republic, unhindered and free to roam.

Tony Abbott is dam right to do what ever it takes and his fifth column should forget their politics and start to have regard for their increasingly threatened country, because very few other self styled  leaders give a rodents posterior.

Every effort must be made to stop human trafficking, dammit,  it is nearly 200 years since enlightened Christian Statesmen ended the disgusting absolute misery of the slave trade yet the  UN and dumbarse enablers  can't find the intestinal fortitude  to prevent an equally depraved activity around trading in humans for cash euphemistically termed refugee assistance.



Paulus said...

I agree that $10,000 is cheap at half the price - however there are many much larger rustbuckets available, at almost any price, throughout the world and it is quite feasible that sooner, rather than later, a much larger vessel will try and come to New Zealand with thousands of refugees on board.

Bsrry said...

I think NZ should thank Australia for stopping boats from getting to NZ and should pay Australia for any payments Australia pays to the people smugglers to stop boats from getting to NZ.

Noel said...

"I think NZ should thank Australia"
We are. Taking 150 a year from their detention centre.
In 6 years the current lot at Manus will be in New Zealand.
All will be eligible for NZ residency by that time and the first 150 will be eligible for citizenship.
Given that 30 per cent of refugees who come in via the approved route eventually leave NZ to live in Australia we can expect higher numbers from these former detainees of Australia.

We are thanking Australia. After all once they get to Australia they will have to put up with the same inconsistences that New Zealand born Kiwi's have to put up with compared with their Aussie counterparts in New Zealand

Howie said...

"Every effort must be made to stop human trafficking, dammit"

Including brutally targeting those criminal gangs paying people smugglers for their services (AKA the Australian government). Nice one Gravetodger. Are you an idiot, or do you just think everyone else is?

gravedodger said...

Unlike your natural home at the daily Blog or the Standard you are free to keep us informed of your mental state Howie, if I had a smidgeon of respect for your opinion I might just have been slightly offended but to your astonishment I guess I actually don't give a dam.

No I don't think everyone else is an idiot but your place on the podium is safe for now.

Btw the Sovereign state of Australia is not at last news a criminal gang but your socialist heroes are being seriously eroded as we speak in Dyson's royal Commission, LOL

Howie said...

Let's be clear shall we dopey? The conservative Australian government is paying people smugglers (you know, vile scum dealing in human misery) large sums of cash to carry out extremely serious criminal offences on their behalf. You applaud. Cognitive dissonance much?

gravedodger said...

Howie, If the allegations are true I understand the captain and crew were paid, they are only transport operators hired by the human traffickers at an unknown cost, the alleged extra money merely influenced a course alteration.
65 refugees upgraded to boat people at say 5k each equals over 300k and the alleged inducement to alter course is 10k if that is a part of Tony Abbotts whatever it takes it was a good deal and when measured against the millions down the track it was chump change

Of course such matters would have come up in contract law 101.
Year ten where you graduated with a diploma in filled rolls, smutty activity, pies, personal abuse and graffiti was some years before that, retarded much.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Let's be clear shall we dopey? The communist Labor Australian government was paying people smugglers (you know, vile scum dealing in human misery) large sums of cash to carry out extremely serious criminal offences on their behalf. You applaud. Cognitive dissonance much?

You give fuckwits a bad reputation.

Howie said...

ROFL. There's nothing like confused old right wingers. Gravetodger claims Abbott isn't paying people smugglers to traffick people despite previously handing down life sentences to boat crew for people smuggling. They're just paying the people actually doing the smuggling, or something (as I said he's confused). Adolf then admits Abbott has been paying people smugglers but tries to claim that it's all OK because apparently Rudd (whom he has an astoundingly low opinion of) did it too. Floundering much here, losers?

gravedodger said...

Howie that comment needs some translating.

I will be generous and believe you are operating a tablet/iPhone with some limitations that imposes then again it might just be that year 10 graduation factor.

Did mummy make your lunch for you today or is it a pie and a sausage-roll again.

I guess you are making progress, you have dropped the inane "Tory" descriptive, well done you!

Btw it was KRudd/Gilliard/KRudd who passed sentence on some people smugglers and I thought at the time, drowning as a final solution was a little harsh.

Howie said...

"that comment needs some translating."

Firstly, that's extremely funny coming from you. Second, as I said, you're confused. To sum up for you; Abbott is paying criminal gangs to carry out extremely serious criminal offences for him that his own government locks people up for life for. What does that make him do you think? And you applaud him for it. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that's merely because you're confused and a bit dim.