Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Who Knew The Wankfest Existed?

Yesterday Farrer  posted an illuminating post on a congress here in NZ of the Asia Pacific Greens that attracted around 500 souls on a jaunt to make themselves feel relevant.

Some Melons decry those of us who see a dumptruck of hypocrisy in such wankfests on the dubious grounds that it would be impossible to do what they do without Air travel.
Yes that is a valid construct but why they attract such opprobrium is the continual preaching or is that screeching from their pulpit of utter hypocrisy as to how those who create wealth and employment opportunity are destroying the planet in their endeavours.

Yes the Green Party lobbyists would be proscribed by limiting their feel good pseudo religious activities but for me, why is that a problem.

At the conclusion of his Post DPF included a table of emissions by the Asia pacific region and they are in the main paltry, the total including China, Russia, India  and Japan and the other 20 odd comes to less than half the global total and at number 25 of the Asia Pacific list at nought point two percent,  yes 0.2%,  is lil ole NZ with its belching cattle and sheep.

The bloody melons want to destroy our way of life for why exactly?


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Kind of makes you wonder why Mr Slippery and the Double Dipper From Dipton went about implementing an ETS scheme, especially in light of the fact Mr Slippery was against such things prior to '08.

Paranormal said...

GD - if you had missed it you've missed some great entertainment. Have a listen to this: http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/201758408

At about 1:40 the Taiwanese delegate is explaining that, of course, climate change makes ocean water heavier so it causes more earthquakes for his country. Science is clearly not a big thing for these people.

The Veteran said...

Ghost ... Say what you will. Doesn't make it true. National pulled back on Labour's scheme which would have devastated farming ... not that Labour or the Greens gave a hoot ... but since then they have lambasted the government for it's pragmatic approach and blamed it for each and every so called climate change event. Can't have it both ways but you're trying ... very trying.

JC said...

Wake me up for a discussion when the temps exceed the normal fluctuation of about 2 degrees C for the last 8000 years.



Noel said...

Ain't the ETS wonderful. Originally designed as a way for polluters to offset their emissions where there wasn't the technology for them to clean up their act by investing in carbon sinks. Today they continue to pollute passing down the cost whilst others don't have to be involved.

Now there's talk of Government issuing credits at the taxpayers expense. As if we aren't carrying enough of the cost already.