Friday, June 5, 2015

What Will That Do, Oh Great Jade Adorned One?

Question one to the acting Minister for Climate Change,  Hon Simon Bridges, from GP Co Leader.

"Does he agree that local authorities will face greater adaptation costs and find it more expensive to protect infrastructure and property as the climate changes; if not, why not?"

From the disastrous flooding that hit Dunedin City and left many houses on the alluvial flats leaving The Otago Peninsula just that and not Otago Island, coping with up to a meter of surface flood water mixed with sewage
My understanding is  the nearly seven inches of rain was the worst since 1922, so not quite all down to the armageddon  those who see a vast opportunity to extort money from productive NZ will employ as a political weapon at every turn.

Is it not just possible  those very near to sea level areas of Dunedin do not have an infrastructure in situ to remove water that falls from the sky.
I am reasonably certain that shooting every cow, removing every fuel pump, and having the few who survive such a Pol Pot inspired action, living in schist hovels on the Maniototo, will  achieve anything to prevent a repeat flood.
The Jade adorned fashion statement thinks it will all change, forgetting that if NZ took its emissions to zero it would only make an infinitesimal difference to what the world emits.
We will ignore all that and make political 'hay' from the misfortunes of the afflicted that should be sheeted entirely to successive councils spending money on their perception of the real issues such as declining to make deep sea drilling an opportunity to improve infrastructure instead of embracing an extraordinary opportunity to mitigate flooding outcomes from ignored potential income.

Having travelled from Kaikoura to Amberley after the celebration of the Sovereign's Birthday,  through  still seriously moisture deficient soils, the thought occurred that if what the demented teletubby suggests as a cause of Dunedin's excess water, why are  Ngai Tahu not being encouraged to burn all the remnants of the 10 000 Ha of Balmoral Forest where they are setting up a massive irrigated dairying operation. It would surely follow that such a one off serious human release of co2 could solve the serious dry being endured along SH 1 just a  short distance to the East.

Dunedin's recent woes are not the fault of he NZ government's pursuit of increasing the pie, they are entirely the fault of successive failures of elected local councils in keeping infrastructure in place to deal with what could happen again, even next week.

Many of the retards who inhabit the Melon Mansion do seriously tarnish the image of a great food source.


Allan said...

The new leader of the melon party appears to be just another fruitcake. His interview in the latest NBR reinforces my feeling that these clowns should never ever get anywhere near the halls of power. Their ideas and policies would absolutely destroy any freedoms that we currently have and the way of life that we currently enjoy. Comments he makes such as "on the other hand we will not be importing $7 billion of petroleum a year so boom goes the current account deficit. That really is a scary statement are we going to be forced back to the horse and cart days if these clowns get into power. What a bunch of absolute losers.

Paulus said...

I am concerned that the Socialist Mayor said that he/they would look after financially those who did not have Insurance.
Why should I bother to take responsibility for my affairs.