Monday, June 29, 2015

What Bit About A Security Breach Doesn't Matter.

Four males breached the security of our Parliament carrying solar panels,  climbing gear, communication equipment a banner and the luvvies are either cheering or making supportive noises.

A nice young man enters a mosque in Kuwait and no one notices he is in possession of anything  of concern,  another young man in beach clothes carrying a beach umbrella  walks onto a Tunisian Beach resort, an employee travels with his boss to a gas facility in France as he has done on previous occasions and all is well.

Not exactly because the three incidents in the second paragraph result in over 50 innocents dead and hundreds more injured and mutilated.
The four perps in the first para could have in some jurisdictions been shot dead as an unknown threat to our National Security.

When will our leaders wake up, we are being incredibly naïve in thinking it could not happen here, how difficult for the four to have had concealed weapons and opened fire on the gathering crowd.
What better opportunity for four "Lone Wolves" to have enjoyed a remarkable ability to do what is becoming so common in places previously thought secure and enjoyed their place in history with a slaughter of innocents.

Islamist nutters do not think as we do, do not have any sense of the law or its consequences and their lives and the lives of their victims have nothing near the sanctity and value we ascribe to all humans friend and foe.

A drunk rolls up to a security gate and claims to have a bomb and disorder and chaos erupt. two stupid schoolboys breach security at a luggage carousel and apologist appear to protect their stupid act.

Our naivety and complacency will bite us badly and apparently it is nothing to worry about.

We are at war and like it or not it will arrive here on our peaceful shores,  only thing still unknown is when.

 Man Monis killed his two victims in the middle of downtown Sydney in broad daylight.

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Tinman said...

No! No! and thrice, NO!

You are very wrong. As wrong as it is possible to be.

I disagree with the handling of the nutters at Parliament buildings last week.

I would have prevented the bastards from climbing down, told the slime that any reporting other than proveable fact would be prosecuted and ignored the bastards until they were literally begging to be released.

If they fell/jumped in the mean time I would have made their non-climbing supporters clean up the mess.

BUT in no way should NZ change anything because of them!

As soon as you change anything, take away one single civil liberty to prevent the bastards the fucking dirtbag scum have won.

As it stands there is no value in terrorist scum attacking NZ. We are too small, too far away from anyone else and too open as a society to make the headlines terrorist scum require.

At best an attack against NZ would make a small paragraph at the bottom of a column on page 47 of most major dailies. That attack might, just, make the "today's curiosity" throwaway at the end of a late night news bulletin of some Seppo minor city TV.

You may be correct, some outright fuckwit may initiate a terrorist attack in NZ but we must rely on our excellent anti-terrorist people to prevent such from occuring and above all we must not acknowledge the scum by denying ourselves anything just in case.