Thursday, June 25, 2015

They Complained Colonialists Robbed Them

Sonny Tau proved they were very adept at such things themselves.

Nga Puhi Elder,  Sonny Tau was discovered to be carrying Kereru under his coat on a flight out of Invercargill.

Not sure if the secret was outed by cooing, pooping or odour but it make for  a rather good segment for "Border Patrol" hope someone had their Galaxy or Apple handy.

Didn't Piddling Dover Sam get busted for an offence associated with Kereru that he claimed were for Dame Whina Cooper who was ailing at the time.

I am guessing this will be as serious as a hanger on from the Iwi being caught with little undersized  Paua or Crayfish, a rather tatty bit of paper with a barely discernable name and signature  will be produced and all will be well.

I only wish he had called here for the bloody poultry as those birds are so destructive in a colonialist descendant's garden, there are upwards of a dozen causing untold damage here.
They eat blossom and green buds, fruit and when they land they just crash down until gravity is defeated by heavier branches.


The Veteran said...

Adolf ... it is fascinating to me how the likes of Sonny Tau can play fast and lose with their so called 'mana' when it suits them to do so.

They denigrate Maoridom; they denigrate the Treaty; they denigrate themselves ... not that they mind.

It's all the WCMFs fault.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wasn't me guv. GD.