Saturday, June 27, 2015

They Are Linked And The Media Should Say So.

Muslims are in the Holy Month Of Ramadan.

Yesterday Was Friday.

Friday is the best day for the Mad Mullahs to incite the more insane at "Friday Prayers"

There are rewards to those who die in the pursuit of the aims of Allah as cited by Crazy Clerics.

It was no bloody coincidence that yesterday was a rather sad day for the world.
It was the most likely day of the freakin week for it to happen with the month another clue.

Gunmen opened fire on sunbathing tourists on a beach in Tunisia 28 dead.

A nutter with explosives entered a mosque in Kuwait and minced himself taking another 25 praying members of the religion of peace to eternal life while modifying  another 200 to live on in this world with bodies damaged in various ways.

A disgruntled employee in France has removed the head of his boss where it had been for many years  and put it on the gates of his factory, decorated with Arabic scrawl in an act that could be described as taking that boss head on/off.

In other 'News' the savages in ISIL have publicised more gruesome media catching means to demonstrate their mastery of mindless violence.
Not content with just hacking heads off with knives, mass shootings and throwing blindfolded unfortunates off high buildings, putting people they don't like in a car then lining the vehicle up with a rocket grenade and launching the inmates on a final car journey,  things have reached new heights.
Two youths accused of snacking during daylight hours in a serious offense against Allah during Ramadan were tied to a beam by their hands/wrists and hoisted to expire in the hot sun.
Five others, accused of espionage were locked into a steel cage then lowered into a swimming pool and drowned, That whole event was filmed in high quality using sophisticated underwater cameras.
Then another inspired method of dispatch for another group kneeling in orange jump suits being linked with loops around their necks by a length of 'cordtex', an instantaneous explosive in the form of  cable used for co-ordinated linked explosive charges only in this case when the detonator did its work it would have been labour efficient and very quick. Not recommended for inside a building if a clean up was to be done but out in the desert,  well sunshine is a good cleaner.

So two die from dehydration, 5 from over hydration and another bunch had their ability to take on water removed in a sort of  flash of inspiration.

They were all Islamist inspired and enabled,  people,  so why wont the Media say so.
Why don't the millions of other members of Islam who it is suggested are peaceful and peace loving take to the streets and protest the senseless killings perpetrated by "a small minority" or Lone Wolves".

By their actions,  make that inactions,  they are judged and found complicit.

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