Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Court System Assaulted Yet Again

The man who murdered Jade Bayliss (Source: ONE News)
The face Of Mr Jeremy McLaughlin.

Jeremy McLaughlin Is back in court appealing his conviction and sentence for murdering 13 year old Jade Bayliss in 2011.

This lovely man went to West Australia as so many did and during his time there in 1995 he killed a teenage boy.
He was deported back to New Zealand when he was deemed to have served his sentence and ended up in a relationship with Jade's Mother, Tina.

Four days before the child died in a house she shared with her Mother, Tina Bayliss went to Christchurch police with concerns about her now ex partner but left with only a trespass notice to hand Jeremy should he attempt to enter her house.
Four days later the killer went to the Barrington street house to commit burglary and when discovered by the 13 year old,  strangled her and stuffed sox into her mouth, continued with the burglary,  then went to Westfield to dispose of stolen items leaving Jade's empty wallet in the carpark there.
He then returned to the Barrington St house with petrol and torched it, returning to Westfield for fish and Chips before going on to his home where the police acting on information from those who were prevented from telling Tina four days earlier who her now ex was and what he had proved he was capable of, took McLaughlin in for questioning

Now today this piece of canine excrement is back contesting the validity and reliance on the DNA evidence that supported his conviction, apparently claiming too much emphasis was placed on that evidence.

When Jade's Body was found in her torched home in Christchurch a local cop flagged the scroat as a suspect.
Later after much obstruction around Jeremy's rights to privacy his case went to court and evidence around his movements and those of his car built a case of selling articles from Jade's home that were removed before he returned to spread accelerant and then torch the home.

Two years after the killing and arson Graeme Pankhurst convicted the scumbag whose record of killing in WA could not be divulged to Jade's mum by police in possession of such a serious potential threat because of completely stupid and obstructive law around McLaughlin's right to Privacy.
Pankhurst in sentencing McLaughlin commented that he had come perilously close to being sent to the poky for the rest of his natural life and handed down a sentence of  life with23 years without parole.

I accept that the bastards who can kill with such nonchalance are entitled to a defence at trial but it seems rather a corruption that the law can be involved in such a waste of resources with apparently no way anybody in the system can just  say F*^k off noddy,  here is the sentence you so nearly got after your  trial, just resign your miserable self to never seeing the sunrise again ever unless you have a cell with a view.

I understand The Hon Judith Collins and the Sensible Sentencing Trust have made moves to overcome the stupid prohibition on permitting McLaughlin's horrendous record to be given to Tina Bayliss to allow her to at a minimum assess the risk that unfortunately did exist and resulted in the death of Jade, her daughter.
I hope such very necessary change has occurred.

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