Monday, June 8, 2015

Thats A Grand Idea, Now For a COF For Politiciaans

A warrant of fitness for housing seems so simple and superficial to tick so many boxes but what about those who for any of many reasons may wish to accept less than the premium list.

Now the Certificate  of Fitness, COF,  for passenger, emergency and heavy vehicles maintains a standard of safety for such vehicles on our roads but as anyone with a modicum of knowledge around such matters, a vehicle that yesterday passed the quite stringent tests can easily by today be a lethal weapon due to age, time, or failure as the test only tests on what presents at the time.
Exactly the same at a lesser level for cars, utes and motor cycles with the WOF

Some  jurisdictions do not have such tests and it behoves owners and operators to maintain and assess their fleet to ensure compliance with what is deemed to be safe with sanction for detected failings.
When was the last time you observed a driver do a walk around a vehicle before they drive off?

Now such a minimum level of compliance is suggested for rental housing and it could be an  interesting debate as to what a such minimum standard should be.
But and it is a big but, it will raise rents above what many see as unacceptable levels at present and it will have the immediate effect of removing options at present available from the market.
Students prepared to only use a flat for actually sleeping and drinking often accept what I would question as adequate for my pet dogs. Single workers likewise, so if we accept that a for rent property  must meet a minimum level of compliance two things emerge immediately.
1 The rent rises above what a renter might accept as a compromise between needs and costs.
2 There will be an immediate imposition of costs to be added to all rents for the army of bureaucrats armed with a hi-vis jerkin and a clipboard who will be charged with compliance. They will not come cheap.

Now for eons the market has regulated conditions of rentals and the outcome is abandoned structures that no one will rent, if this latest brain fart comes to pass we will immediately need an appeal authority to assess whether a designated below standard accommodation is as a result of a dumbarse tenant or an unscrupulous landlord.
I see an unforeseen complication as renters already confronting serious shortages in places of high demand finding increased difficulties with higher rents and less opportunities but as a sound bite it does have a resonance eh.
What could possibly go wrong?

So with that settled, lets have a new bureaucratic opportunity for  testing  politicians where they will be assessed every six months for:
Fitness levels,
Fitness for purpose,
Work ethic,
Cost effectiveness,
Adherence to what they presented as their intentions measured against outcomes.
( note to self, design and produce the Necessary "Red Stickers")

I will be available for the assessment on  one day a week, say four assessments a day, hang on that is only half the job so I will need another assessor, two assistants and then a research crew, gee about 10 million should cover start up costs and then another ten million for day to day running costs and if we have user pays then it will be self funding.
Again what could possibly go wrong? oh that's right I am not
1 A lawyer.
2 A prominent ex sports person.
3  An ex Politician unless a few months on a community board to ensure amalgamation of an impoverished and weak district council was facilitated.
4 The holder of a recognisable tertiary parchment apart from my dark secret that I was at one time a  licenced Real Estate Agent.
5 No longer a current herd insemination technician.

I could make something up though but that would create the need for a politician assessment authority certification panel, gee first world problems, eh.


pdm said...

Can I help GD - I hold.
1. 3 Passes in Bankers Institute exams.
2. Licence Controller Certificate.
3. Security Guard Certificate.

Plus 69 years and a couple of months of Life Experience - including 45 years 3 months of marriage to the same wife.

The Veteran said...

Well that's parliament reduced to 59 in one foul swoop with some of those remaining pretty dodgy too.