Monday, June 22, 2015

Super City Failing, Why

Well in the main because of the quality of those who get voted in.

With it appearing a fait acompli that Pants Down Brown will manage to have his 60 billion ten year plan passed by the 19 member elected council on Thursday it is suggested that outcome will eventuate with a minority of 7 councillors in favour Vs 6 opposed with the rest either absent, John Walker  and Browns deputy Hulse or choosing to abstain. The cowards are Casey, Clow, ex Regional council supremo Lee, Wayne Walker and  Watson.

Auckland voters facing a 10% rise in council graft charges need to remember those Quislings names as by abstaining the cowards are perpetrating, enabling, permitting the massive rates rort. Having been elected to represent the voters in their ward and accepting the money, abdicating their responsibility deserves termination and as no recall facility is available then rejection at the next election is the only recourse.

Dont blame Hide, the problem is down to the dumbarses who through ineptitude, failure of due diligence or plain lack of intellectual ability elected nonentities to sit on council with a massive deficit of ability or honesty who will inevitably at the next election claim with no moral backing, it wasn't me, I abstained.

Evidently the cowards are using a very suspect and erroneous advisory from CEO  Town and CFO Tindall that failure to pass the brown turd would have dire repercussions. Total bollocks it would create some need to vote in either a more palatable alternative or some interim measure.

The whole charade stinks worse than the rare flower in the Auckland Botanical Gardens.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you can blame Hide.

A lot of us said before it happened that it was going to achieve two things.

1. Transfer a lot of wealth from Auckland and the North Shore to South and West Auckland.

2. Remove the ability for cities to be compared and compete.

Both cases have proven true with the whole city dragged down to Len's level.

You get what you vote for.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Well no. Actually you can blame Brown.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the point is it was expected someone like Brown would end up running the show ...

The Veteran said...

Councillors choosing to absent themselves/abstain on the most important vote of the year is a total abrogation of responsibility. I suspect they will pay for their cowardliness come election time ... 'vote for me and I promise not to vote for you' is hardly likely to energize the electorate ... or perhaps it will.

Cubit 9F said...

The smarmy abstainers secretly support the mayor's position but having not openly declared their support can try to fool the electorate at election time that they did'not back the mayor.

I wouldn'the like to be in the trenches with these spineless individuals.

What do they support and what are they committed to!

Anonymous said...

Why blame Rodney?
Rodney took Labours Super City Plans because no Nat had the nuts, established the rules which the Nats. then pushed and pulled to create the monster it is. The Nats. were responsible for passing the rules. Rodney couldn't do that on his own nor with the other members of ACT.
So its all down to the Nats. I'm afraid.

Take responsibility for your own misdeeds.

gravedodger said...

@ anon 10 50 am the whole theory of democracy fails when Churchill's observation is accepted "the best argument against democracy is spend five minutes with the average voter". That in a nut shell is Auckland's conundrum.

These nutjobs have committed Hari Kuri, Sepeku, Ritual disembowelment whatever.
All that is required is to remind the voters that have been held up by highwaymen and robbed. the big difference is it is the rich robbing the poor.

The Veteran said...

Anon 7.04 ... you mean the Nats elected a Labour Mayor and a 'left' leaning Council so it's all their fault ... really.

Auckland voters got what they voted for.

Noel said...

Was a time when people were elected only because they were seen as representing their fellow rate payers interests. Now it's all about politics. Going down the same path as the previous Auckland Regional Authority which was a great idea until it was destroyed by party politics.