Thursday, June 25, 2015


the news here that President Obama has aligned himself with the Republicans in order to facilitate the fast tracking of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Bill over the objections of many in his own Party (including Hillary Clinton who continues to flip flop over the issue) is fascinating indeed.  

And it was only a couple of weeks ago that one of our resident apologists for the dark side of politics was gloating that the deal was dead in the water and accusing the Republicans of being the spanner in the works.

Students of history find it strange that the notion of free trade, once the icon of the Liberal side of politics in the UK and elsewhere, and opposed to hilt by Tory grandees, now find the the situation reversed.

As in every agreement you have to give a little to get a lot ... the 80/20 rule is in play.   There is no doubt in my mind that NZL will be a net beneficiary from the deal.   There is equally no doubt that the Greens and others with closed minds on the issue will portray it as he beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it ... and the sun will still come up tomorrow (well here in Paihia anyway).


Daily Media Review said...

Normally I'm all for free trade agreements, but Obama is going to use the opportunity to ram his climate change regulations that he can't get through congress down everyone's throats as a condition of the agreement.

The Veteran said...

DMR ... haven't seen any mention of this in all the commentaries on the TPP. Can you authenticate pse.

Ray Dobson said...

No matter what you say it is not in the best interests of New Zealanders to have US corporations dictate what should or should not be in laws passed by our House of Parliament. In any case how can we determine if the TPPA is good for NZ when no-one except John Key and his cronies have seen the agreement? If it is wonderful why is everything kept so secret?

The Veteran said...

Raydob ... spouting left wing claptrap drivel. Of course the negotiations are done behind closed doors ... it can't happen any other way. And then the agreement is debated in Parliament and if the Government cannot command a majority it's dead in the water.

NZ is a trading nation. We live by trade. Our prosperity depends on trade or are you so stupid as to not have worked that out.

Tell me, which of the following existing FTAs are you also against:

NZ/Australia CER
NZ/China FTA
NZ/Thailand CEP
NZ/Singapore CEP
NZ/Brunei Trans-Pacific SEP
NZ/Chile Trans-Pacific SEP
NZ/Singapore Trans-Pacific SEP. Auxiliary to NZ/Singapore SEP
NZ/Malaysia FTA
NZ/HongKong CEP
NZ/Taiwan Agreement on Economic Cooperation

Some muvvers do hav em ... sigh.

gravedodger said...

Raydob you have a valid point but through out history negotiations under the umbrella of diplomacy require such behaviours to ensure a parties position can remain as strong as possible. It is called keeping your powder dry and it aint talcum, it's gunpowder.

All trade deals need to be ratified by our parliament before coming into force.
Should Key and Grosser end up with a dog then they will suffer the consequences at the ballot box.

For Key and Grosser to negotiate in the media will not only tie their hands but will hand all the trumps to the Kelsey theoreticians and we all know where their loyalties lie.

So are you being naïve or just attempting rat cunning and support fortress NZ where we can have Lada Cars, tube TVs round dial land line phones, magnetic tape recorders, trade unions running the ferries, paying $1000 to fly Wgn to Akl, aaah the good old days except they were not that good, I was there.

Ray Dobson said...

To The Veteran.
By you having to sink to personal abuse ("left wing claptrap drivel" and "stupid") in your reply to my comment shows the total lack of value in your arguments but thanks for the veiled comparison to the multi-talented Michael Crawford.
Alas, I could never approach his heights...sigh

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And yet again Raydob avoids answering the question.

One is left to wonder, is he a ray of sunshine or just a dob of shit?

Ray Dobson said...

Alas, another of those whose lack of even an elementary vocabulary forces them to resort to personal abuse when posting a comment. This example is even more lamentable as, in his preamble to Friday's Fulminations, he asks that "Visitors might consider the wisdom or using moderate language". Or is this a case of "do as I say not as I do".
Oh dear, what is the world coming to...sigh.