Tuesday, June 9, 2015

RIP Murray Taylor.

Sometimes Ms Kelly it is better to be silent and possibly considered ignorant than speaking and removing doubt.

In this case your intemperate grasping of a tragedy to make political points is only adding to the sum of  grief and trauma.

The poor unlucky digger driver under an estimated 1000 tonnes of limestone at Waikari and now presumed dead,  was a Boss, that's right Ms Opportunistic Kelly he was at the apex of responsibility for the Quarry operations.

Murray Taylor was a director of the quarry operators Heathstock Haulage, late 50s and acknowledged as a top bloke.

How many of us drive along roads with over hanging rocks in places such as The Manawatu gorge, the Waireka,  the Haast pass, The Buller with nary a thought that disaster could strike as it did to the two tourists caught in an out of the blue rock fall in the Haast.

It is inconceivable that Mr Taylor was  flirting with danger, sometimes shit happens and yesterday at the Waikari Limeworks it did.

My sympathies and thoughts are with those who mourn Murray Taylor.

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Howie said...

Yeah, just appalling luck, now way he could have been flirting with danger!