Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Problem Solving At The Very Top

A police patrol stops a car in a less than nice comfy area of South Auckland, sort of just away from the leafy burb where the top brass live

"can I see your licence please"

"er well I done ave it wif me"

"you do have a licence"

"er well it not sort of any good yu no"

'where is it?'

" me cuz wanted it to buy some piss"

"well go straight home and keep out of my way, OK".

Now who was the genius that set up that oh so very efficient solution to the many ferals who drive around with no current licence and worse have probably never even seen a road code.

reduces the work load for  Plod.

reduces Maori crime stats.

reduces Maori incarceration rates.

reduces the total outstanding unpaid fines.

recognises the reality that if the $400 is collected it will make the likely hood of the scroat getting a licence even less likely.

nice fit with indigenous rights. It is all down to bloody colonialism, yeah right!

Negatives: well if you are a soft cock apartheid appeaser, a racist who has no idea what one is or a squishy why make trouble public servant masquerading as a police HQ desk jockey, absolutely no negatives at all.

However as a 'one judicial system for all' that is losing the respect and support of law abiding New Zealand  it is another massive fail as it will have zero allowance for some stressed poor bugger who after 12 hours work discovering his wallet and bit of plastic that has become for some of no consequence is still in the drawer of his desk at work. Why the different treatment? well the second man has a job, income, assets and will pay!!

"sorry Sir here is an instant fine for $400 the instructions as to how you pay are on the back, have a safe trip home", but only  after a delay while plod checks the rego the WOF does a walk around the vehicle and in all probability will ask "have you had a drink today Sir then  a breath test to boot.

To be filed under "proactive policing"

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Noel said...

Nah Nah your racial comparison is rubbish.
It's about unlicensed drivers not some guy who left his licence in his desk.