Sunday, June 21, 2015


It is fascinating sitting on the sidelines here in a wet cold Canberra watching the ALP disembowel themselves over Tony Abbot's success in stopping the boats while their erstwhile leader is facing attacks from both inside and outside Labor as he prepares to be hauled before the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption to explain his roll in certain 'creative' fund raising initiatives that took place during his time at the helm of the Australian Workers Union.

Cut to the 'boats' and on Monday and, against the backdrop of Tony Abbott saying that the Government would do whatever necessary to stop the people smugglers in their tracks, the ALP was preparing to move a vote of censure in the House over a reported payment by Australian 'officials' of US $30k to the crew of a boat supposedly carrying illegal migrants on its way to New Zealand in order to 'encourage' them to turn the boat back to Indonesia.     Twelve hours later Labor dived for cover, why? ... well it transpired that under the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd administration there was a AUD $30m slash fund established to do just that.    So, what have we got?    Answer ... under Labor $30 million paid out in bribes to stop the boats and they still kept coming while under Abbott a supposed $30,000 payment and the boat, its crew and its passengers are back in Indonesia.  

BTW ... don't know if pictures of the boat in question appeared in the NZL media but from my limited nautical knowledge it looked as though it would have been hard put to make it on the Paihia to Russell ferry run.

Cut to Bill Shorten.   For years he was a protected species through his association with the daughter of Australian Governor-GeneraL Quenton Bryce.   Shorten was an acknowledged 'hard man' union leader in a country where the union movement wields considerable political power and industrial muscle and where might equals the right to indulge in questionable practices and, in the process, enrich both yourself and those around you.    And now it's unraveling with ALP insiders starting to spill the beans and portray him as a man not to be trusted while the SMH, hardly a bastion of conservatism, is calling for his resignation.

For what it is worth I think Shorten will survive.    He knows where too many of the bodies are for the ALP to roll him least he goes feral.

One final observation.   NZ politics are small kids birthday party stuff c/w politics OZ style .... Colin Craig and Crimdotcon notwithstanding.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I think you are wrong. I don't think Shorten will survive. The bodies will roll out now, with him or without him. And the big loser will be the ALP which will be shown to be in the grip of the unions.

As an aside, with so many employers paying thier employees' union dues without their employees' knowledge, I wonder how many genuine union embers there are left in Australia..

Howie said...

Abbott is essentially a people trafficker (vile scum of the earth dealing in human misery etc.), and you're gloating about it. Any standards? At all?

Nookin said...

Abbott is profiteering from trafficking.

Gee, you have a be pretty warped and hateful to come to that conclusion.

The Veteran said...

Nookin ... your assessment of Howie as 'warped' is pretty much bang on. It is warped indeed to poster boy a Party under whose watch many hundreds if not thousands died at sea trying to enter Australia knowing that the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government was a soft touch ... and lets not even talk about the 'missing' $30m slush fund that went where?

Noel said...

"Abbott is profiteering from trafficking."

Don't know about that but Australians will have to stopped their continuous bitching about refugees getting more than their pensioners.

After all when the 150 we will be taking every year opt on receiving residency/citizenship to cross the ditch they will be subject to the same draconian unequal rules as NZ born citizens.

Howie said...

"It is warped indeed to poster boy a Party under whose watch many hundreds if not thousands died at sea trying to enter Australia knowing that the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government was a soft touch..."

Whatever that means. What is warped is to harp on about how people traffickers are evil scum on one hand while you're paying them to do your dirty work on the other. It's OK if a right winger does it though, correct? As I said you have no standards. Abbott's a weird guy to have a man crush on though.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... you may be warped but I never thought of you as stupid ... until now. The fact the many lives were lost at see under the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd administration watch is an established fact. As for supposed under the table payments .... what can I say except $30m, $30m, $30m. Gone with no tangible result.

Howie said...

Abbott aids and abets people trafficking by using taxpayer funds to support this vile and inhuman practice. And he's a hypocrite to boot. Deal with it. I don't care or approve of what Rudd did, and you constantly squawking about it makes you sound desperate. Your gloating about Abbott paying organised criminal gangs profiting from human misery reveals something disturbing about your character.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You are a dipshit troll.

Tony Abbott hasn't paid anyone.

The people smugglers bribed the Indonesian police to allow the boat to leave. In all lielihood the dollars you have seen on TV are those dollars. These people tell lies, don't you know?

The Australian intelligence officers paid some money to the crew for information. Nothing more, nothing less. They've been doing so for twenty years.

Now why don't you just fuck off and stop making a dick of yourself?

Howie said...

"The Australian intelligence officers paid some money to the crew for information. Nothing more, nothing less."

Really, Adolf? You know this how? Desperate hope doesn't create facts.

"These people tell lies, don't you know?"

Abbott certainly seems to have problems telling the truth, you are correct. All he has to do is deny he's paying people traffickers to traffic people and then explain why all the evidence that he's engaged people traffickers is all false. Simple.