Sunday, June 14, 2015

Of Course It Wasn't About Farmers and The Dry

Had TVOne infotainment hour running as evening meal was prepared and up came a bit on the seriously worsening dry affecting  an Eastern Swathe of North Canterbury.

Gee Whiz someone really does care I thought in a hallelujah moment of false expectation, then the reality, it was merely the intro by the socialist training school and publicity organ for the loopy left for a promo on melon James Shaw's latest brain fart to force every piece of legislation to be tested against a global warming standard.

So after it gets past the Human rights numpties, The law society,   Bill of Rights,  Iwi rorts, and the treaty, the environment hurdles,  The RMA, regional and district councils,  Mr Bloody Mellon Shaw wants it to be impeded by another bunch of morons who believe that although this planet survived many periods of Volcanic pollution that has the current CO2 figures in the small beer category, their dreams of one world government should be given a legislated opportunity to wreak havoc in one more vague hurdle constructed by idiots who have never created even a wooden digging stick to better feed the people.
The enablers at the state run propaganda wing of socialism fell over themselves to oblige because the current challenges facing the East coast are something new and because melons fly all around the world to wank fests have an acceptable effect on the climate, it is the profligacy of all the rest of us that has the many "Private Frazers" saying "we are doomed, doomed I tell ya"
My first decade as a farm owner took place just 7Kms east of the target farm used tonight and we had five years of dry, year on year then five better seasons at around average rainfall with one massive difference, we had diversity in income streams and the stocking rates were probably 25% lower than what the industry attempts today and the diversity is much diminished.
I borrowed 90% of the purchase price of that farm and had paid it off in six years of very challenging weather patterns.

Prior to that as a child and then a Youth there were equally devastating drys from Gisborne to Nth Otago, often in quite small pockets geographically as this years manifestation has presented, although parts of the coastal southern Hawkes Bay and  Wairarapa are pretty challenged as I write.
Irrigation has mitigated such weather events also, much of say North Otago is now watered from the serious controls on the Waitaki river system with an even bigger coverage still available with much improved and efficient delivery systems.

Since the very inefficient and wasteful Amuri Plains system was built using water from the Waiau and a later minor take from the Hurunui there has been a very slow utilisation of vast quantities of winter flow water  to the Pacific every year and until some bold bugger with big nuts tells the tree huggers to go to the desert for 40 years it aint gunna change.
Good ole boy Melon Shaw is just the latest dopy bugger to emerge as a point of interest for the dying too slowly dead tree recyclers and snake oil salesmen.

Dry Autumns are a fact that has plagued the eastern coasts of both islands since forever, that is why so much of it had very little big tree forests and large areas of tussock and scrub.

So good on the media for another nail in their casket as they pursue the puerile and the inane in increasingly ineffective promotions of the losers,  to the cost of productive New Zealand.

To use the now immortal word of  General Anthony McAuliffe at Bastogne in reply to a German request he surrender, my reply to Melon Shaws Brain Fart is   "NUTS".


Anonymous said...

The One news article was a good example for my children. I was able to show them how the reporter changed "droughts MAY be more prevalent" at the beginning of the article to "before this view [of a drought ridden countryside] becomes permanent" at the end. Complete overegging of a non story and so blatant.


Will said...

Agreed. I had the same reaction. The lady featured must have been appalled to se her difficult situation misrepresented like that. Bastards!