Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nothing To Do With "RACE"!

Sharif Steel, 15, was denied a year-long home stay in Japan because he
is Muslim.

Dumb Stupid Devoid has waded into the refusal of all potential Japanese hosts to have the charming young man pictured above(Fairfax)  from spending a year with them as an exchange student.

Here are a few observations you stupid disappointment,  from a long ago 'social' squash player.

He is Muslim who declines to eat pigs and in Japan pork is a very common meat.
Islam is a religion practised by many races.
The Japanese Nation recently mourned a citizen of theirs who naively went to Syria to do good works with humanitarian aid and for his trouble had his head separated from his torso in rather distasteful fashion by Terrorists supposedly acting as Islamic warriors intent on establishing a Caliphate.

If a person with that photo supporting any activity that brought him any closer than the pages of a recycled dead tree, then he would in all liklyhood never get any closer  to me or mine.

Oh and in case no one has been astute enough to inform you, the irrefutable truth is;
Hell even The Hon Tim Grosser, a little older white guy, one of the sad bunch who mistakenly thought, as I did, that you might bring the common touch to your office has converted to Islam following his marriage to an Indonesian Lady.

So just go to the office say twice a year and wait, as we are all forced to, until time brings the brave  misguided experiment to its merciful conclusion so you might retain any of the residual honour left from your extraordinary times at the top of world women's Squash.

Actually, disappointment is far too kind.

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