Monday, June 29, 2015

Not Quite Kosher TVNZ

TVNZ is reporting on the seizure by Israel of a rickety old boat and two stupid Maoris off the coast of Gaza.

This paragraph fell out and clattered onto the floor:-

Participants in previous flotillas trying to get to the Gaza Strip have been arrested, detained, deported and even killed by Israeli forces.
No explanation as to why they might have been killed?  I remember this incident and sure enough, the so called activists were killed because they attacked the Israeli boarding party with knives.   They were dumber even than our two Maoris.  Took bloody knives to a gunfight.

But TVNZ would never tell you that.  Rather smear Israel by way of innuendo.  That's their style.

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OlderChas said...

I believe the female is of Ngati Sri Lankan descent?