Monday, June 29, 2015

Not Cats, Not Kids and Not the Budgie

However,  dogs, well that incurs an annual fee, that brings no benefit to a responsible owner, no costs to  a  bludging council and has no controlling effect on the supposed menace to society.

Two little retards enter a dairy armed with a knife and kill the proprietor, no murder, merely one guilty of manslaughter.
In round figures what did all that cost society?

We have three  dogs and evidently society demands an annual fee to keep tabs on them.
They are neutered, peaceful, cause no problems for  anyone else and the council needs to know by affirmation they are alive, micro chipped, and housed in approved accommodation still at the same address.

Those two murderous little scrotes will never be neutered, will never be micro chipped, the council wont give a rats rear where they are housed and what quality that housing might be and it is an absolute certainty that the killing of Mr Kumar was not the first time they caused mayhem and it is even more certain it will not be their last effort.

The origins of dog registration lay with a need to control and eliminate Hydatids, a parasite that lives in the gut of dogs that became infected from eating cysts in raw offal and when eggs were excreted by infected dogs they could be ingested by humans and cause health issues in the human host.
Following a long and intensive program the disease is eliminated from NZ canines and as we do not have foxes or wolves that is the end of the matter.
However, then bright educated things in local government were not about to end their little gravy train so they moved to an Identification and Tracking model as a control measure for animals that can attack humans. Forget that cats can cause damage and death for babies, forget that budgies can carry and spread poultry disease and it must be possible they could attack.
Then there are pet rabbits, goats, stoats,  weasels, rats, mice, guinea pigs, sheep, cattle, horses and even bloody magpies, almost all of which could cause damage and nuisance, no need for registration for them either  lifetime or annual.

To close  when did paying an annual fee stop dog attacks and how many dogs out there are not, never have been and never will be registered.
It is a given that those non fee paying mongrels will more than likely be the ones that attack to disfigure or kill, will be crapping anywhere they fancy, will bark when alone, and when loose cause a never ending stream of damage, mischief and nuisance.
 What triggered this, well after tomorrow the fees will double and then some as they become a late payment and last night as swmbo was running the state TV infotainment hour an item caught my notice on drones and they have a certain fascination for me.
Some are raising a problem of privacy, never heard of balloonists , helicopter pilots,  ramblers, mountain bikers, hang gliders, and meter readers, a drone capable of carrying a camera device and suddenly we have a problem.
The ANSWER, well REGISTRATION of course, funny that such bureaucratic nonsense has never been attempted for cyclists, and since I will never now be in that bunch, that is  an idea with merit.

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