Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Surprise There.

but possibly a hint to the traffic police how they could divert some resources to a serious frustration for drivers that can lead to subsequent rash decisions.

Who has never been annoyed when after following a vehicle at say 85 kph on an open road only to enter a dual lane set up for overtaking and find they are required to exceed the open road limit to complete an overtaking manoeuvre.
Of course that annoyance is really ramped up when a ticket arrives by mail from a speed detection camera set up at the end of that opportunity to pass  bit of road design.

Now research is being published that finds an increase of road layout width  by two meters will reduce a drivers perception of speed  on the narrow winding road leading to the Dual lane as they enter the open straighter road,  by more than 10%.  Hell isn't that recently published fact around what so many knew already with the construction of "squeeze layouts" placed at the entrance to urban areas consisting of a narrowing laneway with a centre median often planted out.
Ever driver alive knew that, even the daft bugger who was staying safe at 85kph, however it is great to have it proved and laid out by science.
Now how good would it be to have some official recognition by plod and an ending of the revenue gathering set ups at the bottom of hills on straight roads, at the end of passing lanes and on rare overtaking opportunities where a safe driver in a safe vehicle can effect an overtaking manoeuvre albeit by exceeding the posted limit for a brief time.

I guess I am suggesting some proactive monitoring by mufti car and or motor cycle officers at least bringing the frustrating actions of overcautious drivers that can  be so aggravating to otherwise  law abiding drivers to notice. It would be just a little satisfying to see a dawdling sightseer having a chat with plod as a minimum.

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